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In Search of a Place That Knows Their Shit

Glorious pot nerds.


These guys are great!
Christopher, have you been checked for c-diff? All those antibiotics can create this disease.
These are the hero's of today...and tomorrow!
When you've said "budtender," you've said it all.
This is an embarrassment. It's a tragedy, honestly, that recreational marijuana has to masquerade under the guise of medical marijuana. The entire thing harms pretty much everyone involved. Legitimate medical patients who could benefit from cannabis have to find out who's honest about providing medical care and who's in it because again, pot is awesome. Non-legitimate patients who just want the ability to go pick up some weed from a vendor like a regular human being ought to be able to do are forced to fabricate a condition, which ultimately chips away at the claims of legitimate patients, and only a real dick would take pleasure in that. I'm still waiting on the day when the government will just go "Oh, fine, just fucking take your pot and go home already," but it's still such a challenge to cut through the bullshit. Come on, is it really so hard to let people govern their own bodies?
It's true that there are probably only about five legit COLLECTIVES/CO-OP, say it with me people COLLECTIVE, or even CO-OP. Dispensaries are illegal here in washington. I think you should dig a little deeper before pumping out a half assed article that makes it look like you got paid off, or are just fan-boying, which is understandable because this issue is out of hand.

A HUGE Problem is that most places aren't pushing for the growers to have their products tested, which can get expensive. Especially if you have 20 to 30 strains because people are screaming for variety so they can cocktail to tailor the medicine for their specific needs because a good half of the patients out there are trying to treat multiple ailments with marijuana.
This is sad but true story ... With out all the above problems being solved all of us truely sick patients will soon be stupid stoners with a meaningless card in our wallet...
I am owner of a dispensary in Tacoma called the Red emperor collective. I am aware of this problem and am in the process of developing a new database that can be used by all bud tenders for free. This database will tell patients what strains are related to what type illnesses based from other patients with that same type of illnesses recommendation. I am looking for patients with serious medical conditions to email us at support@dispensaryexchange.com who would like to volunteer with giving strain reviews. Free medication will be donated to those who volunteer. http://dispensaryexchange.com
this is a bit off-subject, but you might read the chapter in the book 'Gulp', which pertains to gut issues (like yours perhaps...) and discusses 'probiotics'. the general idea is that, if you lack the 'good' bacteria - often a result of too many antibiotics, which have killed the good ones - taking 'probiotics' won't do anything, because those 'good' stomach bacteria are anaerobic, meaning they can't survive oxygen (i.e. 'probiotics' are an iffy product at best). what does work, bizarrely enough, is transplanting good bacteria from a healthy person to someone who lacks enough good stuff. yes: poop transfers, although it's not quite that simple (they separate out the bacteria, freeze it, etc.). it might help.

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