You probably know the great Le Gourmand in Ballard recently had its last hurrah—after more than a quarter-century, owners/chefs Bruce and Sara Naftaly closed up shop (they'll teach cooking classes, do private dinners, and be less tired). What you may not know is that the adjoining and awesome bar, Sambar, will remain open through the summer, with cocktail wizard Jay Kuehner still in charge. Sambar is compact and stylish (but not pretentiously so), and it has the best patio in the city. Kuehner's work has been praised in Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, and lots of other places without ampersands or plus signs. You should go there while you still can. (Sambar, 425 NW Market St, BETHANY JEAN CLEMENT

Scotch and Coke

Esquire recently named Belltown's Rob Roy one of the Best Bars in America 2012, and rightfully so—it is loungey- swanky, and they make outstanding craft cocktails. What does owner Anu Apte suggest beverage-wise right about now? Laphroaig and Mexican Coke. It's "a personal guilty pleasure," she says. "The smoky effervescence pairs great with summer barbecues. If you want to be sneaky—I call it convenient—gulp some Coke out of the bottle and add in a shot or two of Laphroaig: Scotch and Coke to go! Perfect for summer evening strolls. Around your private property, of course." Of course! (Rob Roy, 2332 Second Ave, BETHANY JEAN CLEMENT

Boozy Shakes

Ballard's newest dessert destination, Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery, has introduced a colder, more drunken side to their menu of molten cakes, cookies, and chocolate sandwiches—booze-filled milk shakes! Now when it's just too hot to enjoy a warm treat, you can cool down with liquor-laced milk shakes in flavors like smoked chocolate and Scotch, cold buttered rum, and White Russian. The only one that sounds weird is the tequila jalapeño flavor, but seeing as how owner Autumn Martin has a malted milk shake cookbook coming out later this fall, it's probably safe to assume it's good. (Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery, 5427 Ballard Ave NW, MEGAN SELING