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Men Are Doing It for Themselves

Photos by Kelly O


omg! omg! omg ! where do i get the calendar ?
Emily, I love you so much!

It's about time these hunkalicious fellas got some recognition - FOR A CHANGE!!
Amazing. Love it.
I am going to urinate on your door every time I walk past the building.
It's about time. If I see one more female-fronted band with a token male "member" playing the shaker egg or the tambourine, I swear I'll scream. Men have been playing guitar, bass and drums in their garages for decades - largely because that's where the lawn mower is stored, but still. Amazing to see them finally get their due. Thanks.
I'm confused: surely a few of these hotties are DATING other musicians/celebrities, and so the ONLY reason they've gotten anywhere in the music biz is ORAL SEX SKILLZ.
The problem is, all-male bands get away with playing subpar music because people give them extra credit just for being men. I also wish that all-guy bands didn't focus on men's issues so much. All their lyrics are always about guy stuff. I wish more male musicians could just be musicians instead of focusing on their gender all the time.
Eh, if these dudes weren't hot, no one would give a shit about their music.
@6 omg "Men have been playing guitar, bass and drums in their garages for decades - largely because that's where the lawn mower is stored, but still" hahahahahaha
How much you wanna bet their girlfriends wrote all the music for them? Probably played all the instruments on the record too.
Oh goodness gracious Gary's a hottie!
Fucking YES.
This is so good! Bree, love you too!!
The Stranger is soooo progressive!!! So glad men are finally getting their due!
It's so great to FINALLY see strong, confident male role models who show all the young boys out there that you can be sexy and attractive and still ROCK YOUR FACE OFF (but of course being sexy and attractive comes first!)
I understand "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" was written and performed by a man, but apparently, Columbia insisted that a woman be included on the sleeve to boost credibility.
Best. Thing. Ever!
Wow, these guys are so brave! I play guitar too (I know! More uppity male musicians, lol! Bro-power!) But getting up on stage so everybody look at me and judge my body? I'd just get scared and cry.
Um.... where are the hot guys? With the exception of Gary Smith (who's only medium cute) these guys are a bunch of stone cold uggos
Fracking BRILLIANT !!! xoxo
It's so touching that you've finally focused on these sexy and hot male musicians... it's so great!!! Like no one wants to hear about their girlfriends in bands or the women in their bands, we want to hear about the HOT STUDS in the music industry making music!! These guys are sexy and soo talented, but to be honest I wouldn't care if they were any good at their instruments because they are such eye candy. it must be sooo tough to be such a hot man in an industry full of men, I'm so happy that you're finally giving them their due. I want more sexy male musicians featured on the covers of music magazines~!!!
Ugh. The lingerie ad just below the article is soooo ironic. And sobering. Ugh.
oh god. the bra ads all around are sooo ironic and sobering.
Article is great...comments even better!
Is this for realz? Guys have been making the best music since the beginning of time. People commenting that "its nice to see guys getting their dues".

Let's be serious here.
This comment thread makes me smile big.
@27 Serious article is serious.
These guys may be great musicians but where do you get that they're "hot." To me, somebody has to be spending serious time in the gym to get that rating. I'm sure if you get to know them and find out what sparkling personalities they have, you'd probably then find them extremely attractive but, just from the pictures, no.
Not "hot," just from their pictures. I'm sure if you get to know them, they're very attractive, but if you're holding them up as examples of physically attractive guys, they fall short. I recommend they start hitting the gym pretty hard if they want to be generally accepted for their looks and not their talent.
Don't you think it's a little sad that this is supposed to be about how ridiculous it is that we don't feature lady bands, but it actually ends up featuring male bands?
Don't you think it's a little sad that a piece that is supposed to bring attention to the fact that lady bands never get coverage ends up giving male musicians even more coverage? Why not add, "hey look, here are some rad PNW ladies you can check out?"

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