Being a dad doesn't mean you have to let yourself go, and Gary Smith just might be the hottest dad we've ever seen—literally (see this week's cover). As lead singer of Partman Parthorse, Gary balances his music career and family life, all while managing to stay in fabulous shape by teaching hot yoga classes. His provocative stage antics are raw and unapologetic, demonstrating that confidence can be sexy in a man, too. When we met up with this DILF, he was holding his adorable baby one minute, taking it all off for our smoldering photo shoot the next. One look at his toned physique and we knew we'd have to ask him the hard questions.

How did a handsome man like you manage to get into music, of all things?

First, thank you for saying I am handsome. My sister bought me my first guitar when I was 14. Her boyfriend told me that if I became a musician, I wouldn't have to work at some lame job, but I'd get money, fame, sex, and drugs. SOLD! I do work now, but I work "it."

How does it feel to play music in a largely male environment? It has to be scary or overwhelming at times.

I admit it can be difficult to be a male in a male's word. It's so easy to get lost in this giant crowd of dudes. Scary or overwhelming? This really depends on how high I am at the time.

How often do you write your own lyrics?

I write my own lyrics once. Unless they suck, then I write them again.

Do you have a fragrance of choice?

Zero by Billy Corgan.

Being a male frontman must be a challenge, physically and mentally—how do you cope?

Yoga, of course. I’ve been a big fan since Sting made it popular in the ’80s. It tones my mind and my bod.

What is your style inspiration? How does your onstage style differ from your everyday style?

I made up my own character to define my style: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Fine. I teach Bikram Yoga, so I’m in a Speedo almost 24 hours a day—except when I am at home. There, I am naked.

Being hot is one thing, but being a capable musician is quite another, you manage to do BOTH? Does your sex appeal often throw people off when they hear you are actually talented?

I have been told numerous times that because I am so hot, I shouldn’t even have to make music. Why be in a band to get laid when you are already able to score with your looks? Of course, once they listen to my music, they get it.

Who are other male frontmen who inspire you?

Iggy Pop, Steven Tyler, Trent Reznor, Henry Rollins, Anthony Kiedis, John Dwyer, Michael Hutchence, Courtney Love, and me.

What is your hair-care ritual?

I wash my hair using shampoo that was not tested on animals (I know, because when I buy it, it has an unbroken seal). I then deep-condition using a VERY expensive conditioner. After I step from the shower and shave my pubes, I mix pomade and VO5 into a sticky, oily lather and cake it into my beautiful hair, apply a beanie hat, and one hour later, VOILA!!!!

Where are you from? Is your hometown rooting for your musical pursuits?

I am from Mobile, Alabama. Half of my hometown friends are into “my scene” and the other half think it is way too gay to put bottles “up your butt” onstage. Those people do not like gay people, so they can fuck off anyway.

Boxers or briefs or commando?

This has been an ever-changing process. I began with briefs as a child, moved to boxers as a teenager (those tangle around your testicles—sounds fun, but it’s not), then commando in my 20s. Commando is wonderful, but you have to change your pants more often, which is a no-no in this man’s world. Now I am 40 and I have been going with briefs or bikini briefs for quite a while. My favorite ones are handmade from Junk Drawers.

What is your stage preparation like? How long does it take you to achieve your look? Where do you shop for your performance outfits?

Chaos. It really depends on how high I am at the time. For my stage clothes, I’d like to be able to say I buy all of them straight from the runway in Paris. Mostly, though, it’s from the runway of Metro Clothing on Broadway, Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty, Goodwill, and my wife’s underwear drawer.

How has the way you look affected Partman Parthorse’s success?

I am in this magazine now. Right? People want me. They want to fuck me; they want to beat me; they want to kick my teeth into dust, roll up a dollar bill, and snort said powder up their urethras sending them on a journey far beyond the borders of their immeasurable imagination. Because of how I look.

How involved are you in the songwriting process?

Oh dear. I have written a small handful of our songs on my own. Besides those, I am with the band as they come up with music, and I do my best to orchestrate. Sometimes I do drum rhythms in the air to show Lisa what I’d like. For Rachel, I’ll do a little air bass to get my meaning across. Marshall is a little less hands-on. You really can’t look him in the eye. They HATE being told what to do. HATE HATE HATE HATE.

Do you set up your own gear?

This seems like a very sexist question! Do you think because I am so muscular and brimming with testosterone that OF COURSE I set up my own gear?! Well yes, yes I do.

What are your measurements?

Bicep: 14 inches; waist: 31 inches; penis: It’s soft now because I just came, I’ll measure it again later.

What’s the hardest thing about being a man who rocks?

Fighting off the gross drunk woman who wants to make out with you while her husband watches.

What are you doing later?

Rocking my giant baby to sleep, getting vaped out, and framing this article. recommended

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