Alex Leake is a dark-haired cutie who can be found strumming a guitar (that's almost as big as he is!) in Country Lips, where both his hunkiness and his musical prowess are equally showcased. He embodies the perfect man—attractive, skilled, and not afraid to let loose and have fun! A small-town boy at heart, Alex doesn't mind swapping out the jeans and tees for a more seductive look while he's playing those dreamy ballads, but we'll take him any way we can get him! This sensitive cowboy next door stripped down to his skivvies and dished on his success secrets.

How challenging was it to learn to play guitar?

I learned to play on accident, actually, while posing in front of the mirror.

Being a male musician must be so difficult.

Difficult doesn't even breach the surface. I am surrounded by so much testosterone, I don't think I could pass a PED test on the weekends.

How did such an attractive group of guys as Country Lips decide to play music together?

It was quite deliberate, really. You see, Country Lips is a completely fabricated and privately funded boy band of pure fakers. The smell of money can teach you a lot.

Which male musician do you look up to?

Tom Jones. He is so goddamn real.

How involved are you with the songwriting process?

I just try to make sure all of our songs are as long as possible.

We have to ask... what are your measurements?

Pretty damned similar to each other, that's for sure. Built like a pipe. I'm gonna go with 34-30-32.

Being a male musician must be a challenge, physically and mentally—how do you cope?

There are always haters out there. That’s why I try to keep myself in a constant state of confusion—living in an all-encompassing cloud of misunderstanding.

What is your style inspiration? How does your onstage style differ from your everyday style?

“Dress 2 B Hott Every Day” has been my lifelong mantra. Whether I am dressing for rolling around in the mud or performing, that is all I am thinking. Obviously, there are varying amounts of formality to be observed, but the core message should be the same.

What is your hair care ritual?

A glob of prod always gets a nod. Much muffing and no shampoo.

Where are you from? Is your hometown rooting for your musical pursuits?

I sure hope so. I was born here in Seattle, but grew up in the Middle East and Midwest. I know my mom is rooting for me in Illinois.

Boxers, briefs, or commando?

I have been experimenting extensively with each for the past six or seven years. Definitely leaning towards the briefs as of late.

Do you have a fragrance of choice?

I’ve put a lot of thought into it lately, but realistically, the fragrances choose me.

What is your stage preparation like? How long does it take you to achieve your look? Where do you shop for your performance outfits?

Actin’ a fool. As long as possible. The costume department.

How has the way you look affected Country Lips’ success?

Well, we apparently look good enough to attract a lot of wedding gigs, but they always seem to pair us with a pig roast. recommended

UPDATE: See more photos of Alex, and Alex's horses, here. Giddyup!