Talk about getting Luck-y! When we think about men and electronic music, it usually conjures images of hot guys dancing in skimpy outfits, drenched in sweat—making it hard to remember that men have actually played a pivotal role in the production of the genre. Andrew Luck, of the male duo Splatinum, is one DJ who holds his own with actual skills while flaunting sexiness that matches his beats. Andrew told us his steamiest secrets.

You have great style, both on- and offstage. What inspires you?

My biggest fashion influences would have to be the first three seasons of Miami Vice and the film Breakin'. When I'm onstage, I wear more white—but whatever I'm wearing usually makes its way off during the sweltering bass melt.

Does your sex appeal often throw people off when they realize you are actually talented?

I believe it helps confuse them into believing I am talented.

Do you want children someday? How does your career in music affect your plans for a family?

Certainly. Combined with Obamacare and EBT, a family is my ticket to early retirement and being a play-at-home dad!

What is your stage preparation like? Where do you shop for your performance outfits?

It's an ongoing challenge. As for performance outfits, I'm always on the lookout for new textiles, such as the 3M reflective ripstop nylon the space ponchos are constructed of.

How did you manage to learn your craft? It’s so unusual that you know how to DJ so well.

I trainspotted other DJs and bit mad styles. Oh yeah, and a DJ Qbert scratch video. I used to battle it nonstop.

What is your hair-care ritual?

Puff and fluff.

How does it feel to play music in a largely male environment? It has to be scary or overwhelming at times.

Luckily, most artists are sensitive types. We spend a lot of time listening and feeling so that we can channel and interpret that. Oftentimes, we hold hands and weep together in the greenroom before playing. The bros at shows can be far more scary and overwhelming… so full of rage, I tell you.

Boxers or briefs?

Usually boxers. I wear manties on special occasions.

Do you have a fragrance of choice?

Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of Le Sentier Escargot.

How involved are you in the songwriting process?

Adam is the genius. I just look pretty. recommended

UPDATE: See outtakes from this photoshoot. Holy wow. —EDS