Double dose of sexy! Hardworking heartthrob Kerry Zettel splits his time between two bands—easily transitioning from acoustic indie-folk darling for See Me River to tattooed rock 'n' roll bad boy for Mass Games. Every time he reinvents himself, we fall in love with him all over again! But Kerry is more than a pretty face—his sultry stage presence commands respect, and his lyrics (which he writes himself) reveal he's got the brains to go with the brawn. Kerry opened up to us about his sought-after style and how he got his unlikely start.

Your trademark curls always look great, even when you recently cut them into a shorter, bolder style. How do you achieve hair perfection?

You can attribute my trademark curls to a botanical cocktail of wheat protein, burdock root, and rosemary. It's a trademarked formula that my stylist engineered when she was working with Barbra Streisand for the Essential Barbra Streisand album cover shoot.

How does your onstage style differ from your everyday style?

My stage style and everyday style are like the Jack in the Box breakfast and dinner menus. Lots to choose from in both categories, but it's still just Jack in the Box.

Most men can barely play one instrument—how did you learn both guitar and bass?

My dad had a bass guitar that he and my uncle would use to crush the heads of garter snakes out by the shed. It wasn't until my uncle's funeral that I saw Dad string the thing up. He'd sit in the front room getting drunk on "snake juice," slapping the demons out of that bass. Bass just came easily after that. Guitar happened naturally for me as well—you could say I was self-taught.

How does your career in music affect your plans for a family?

Oh, it’s great on the family front—won’t be long until I inadvertently knock somebody up.

Would you describe yourself more as a bad boy of rock or an indie darling?

I once ate a bowl of Cheerios off the back of a WaveRunner while making love to it. I think you can answer that question on your own. recommended

UPDATE: Check out some more glamour shots of Zettel here! Swoon!