Pullout Apr 10, 2013 at 4:00 am

Where Will Pot Retail Shops Be Allowed?


Just because you have a right, doesn't mean they have to make it easy to exercise (see: abortion clinics).
A much better interactive map: http://legalcannabis.us/map/seattle/
23rd & Union, the central district's core for drug dealin already!
Yeah. not so sure that having 23rd + union as the only practical pot stop in E/SE Seattle is a great outcome. The neighborhood probably hasn't reached the critical mass of investment/income from residents to support a wide/r range of 'conventional' businesses. Lake City isn't a model that should be copied
Seems like 1,000 feet isn't that huge a distance, even as a radius. Feels like there should be more options that are 1,000 feet from any parks or schools. An average city block is about 500 feet.
Pioneer, you can scratch 'probably' from that sentence. 23rd/Union is still struggling, and redevelopment has proven complex and time-consuming.
I think SLU is PERFECT!
Pragmatic -- your map looks really different than the DPD map. Better, too. What's the difference?

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