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Impressively Effective (and Totally Non-High-Bestowing) Medicated Balms and More at the Whole Foods of Medical Marijuana


I'd rather have bubble hash (hash made with ice and water) than hash oil. Even if its made with alcohol rather than butane. I'd think a yuppie pot store would only do the best.
The have bubble has done the way you like, right now the have Blueberry and Blue Dream, nice and blonde.
There's not a bit of evidence that any chemical constituent of these salves is able to penetrate the skin. No skin penetration, no effect on pain whatsoever (except, perhaps, a placebo effect). Come on people! Do a little research and stop overhyping this nonsense.
winner of 2013 MMJ CUP Best Topical is Topical-way making topicals for over 6 years for MMJ patients in the GNW

is med sent by mai? serious need ,somone who cares needed to help.god bless,with or without help.JAG !knine5262@gmail.com
cathytown, you're wrong. Using a similar balm enabled me to recover from surgery in 1/3 the time.
Cathytown, you are totally wrong. I've been making my own home salve for years. It absolutely has significant pain relief effects. It makes the tips of your fingers go numb after applying and feels like it "turns the pain off". Topicals don't make you feel high, they just provide pain relief.

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