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Micaila's Gowns

Push the poof of your bridal style with the bride in bloom gown by independent designer Kim Parks—it has the kind of long, full skirt that dolls encased in clear plastic boxes always seem to be wearing. A floral medallion-print fabric patterns the bodice, recalling wallpaper of haunted mansions hidden in the woods. Info:

Micaila's other nontraditional dress option is the silk confetti dress by Chrissy Wai-Ching of Wai-Ching Bridal. At her International District studio, Wai-Ching cranks out made-to-order looks in all shapes and styles, using dyed luxury fabrics the color of gumballs and lipstick and cupcake sprinkles. (Full disclaimer: I work here; Wai-Ching is my boss.) Info:

Micaila's Accessories and Underwear

The Disco Daisies in the bouquet by Malia Peoples of Lady Konnyaku are fantasy flowers that grow in polyester wonderlands. "I went to the Aurora dollar store and bought some ugly-ass fake sunflowers and ripped them apart for their stems and centers, and then I made the petals from my vintage fabric scraps. I have a shit ton," Peoples says. Info:

For an alternate accessory idea, see the crochet bouquet (above) by Christine Chaney of Christine Chaney Creative. She explains: "The tendrils are all about the tribe," she says. "You're amplifying yourself in marriage, and when you choose your very best partner, you're tethering and seeding this pairing to everyone in your community." Chaney plans to develop a series of these shapes for upcoming installations, so stay tuned for more pod forms, dripping from walls. Info: christinechaney

The S&M granny panties and satin elastic harness set Micaila wears are from local online retailer Craft & Culture. Info:

Malia's Gowns

The hamboogie dress is by Jordan Christianson of Jonquil & Mr Black. "I wanted it to move well, so I built each piece individually and hand-stitched them together," he explains. The "toppings"—cheese, pickles, tomatoes, red onions, bacon, and lettuce—are made of luxury silks and velvets, and he's also created matching hand-embellished rhinestone droplets, to suggest juiciness. "It's very couture, very gourmet," says Christianson. Info:

Malia's drag gown is the freaky peaky peaked-lapel tuxedo jacket in white, trimmed in black piping. From the Tux Shop, this rental comes outfitted with the works: cuff links, studs, vest, bow tie, and shoes—all the better to withstand the several rounds of strip poker you've scheduled for just after the ceremony. Info:

The plaid princess tie and cummerbund alternative (above, this page) are also by Jordan Christianson of Jonquil & Mr Black. Info:

Malia's Accessories and Underwear

Have you ever had that thing where you're looking for a strippery bridal bathing concoction (for a lakeside wedding, perhaps?), with tiebacks and molded cups and silk charmeuse and sea-foam green? But then you can't find one anywhere? I know; me, too. My coworker Ashley George is an independent designer, and she finally just made her own. "I went with an over-the-top traditional look," she says, and piled the wet and wild wedding getup with ruffles and drapes and strings of white plastic beads—the universal signifier of eternal love.

Camille Goodman of Millie Vixen's hearts and spikes garter is a nice balance of cute and raunchy: "I've been playing around with blood spatters on faux upholstery leather lately, so I knew that would be perfect for the bow," says Goodman. She embellished the look with vintage lace and fake red pearls. "I get most of my supplies from estate sales," she says, and here she often encounters fellow shoppers with similar aesthetics. "They tend to be gaudy, older ladies, and like me, they're not exactly so into the real stuff." Info:

And for a veil? Brenda Bryan of LoveWell Millinery's bat hat (above) brings us the final word on adorable, and then offsets it with a delightful touch of crazy in the coconut. Info:

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Grant's Suits

Grant's fancy-schmancy fashion suits are from Blackbird, a high-end menswear store in Ballard that doesn't always shy away from avant-garde apparel. Its past stock includes tubelike tops, constructed with no sleeves or armholes. Pushing the sexy-casual punk-millionaire-meets-undercover-cop look, Grant wears his own tee in one of his ensembles. It's cotton with black-and-white graphics, and he purchased it at Ross: "It's been my work shirt for years, and it just got upgraded to a sleeveless tank this summer," he says. Tyranny and Mutation supplied Grant's shoes—that's the vintage apparel shop occupying Blackbird's upstairs space, and it also carries a vast assortment of collectible concert shirts. Flipping through these racks releases little nuggets of music memories, and whenever bands like Misfits, Iron Maiden, and Slayer show up, it's fun to imagine their original wearers: guys who accessorized with ratty jeans, thin/damaged hair, and pentagrams of human blood. Info:,,

Grant's Accessories and Underwear

Lacy under-treats and matching sock garters by Kirk Mason of Scout Underwear are made from a careful ingredients list including vintage lace and repurposed tags, with each item chosen to present a menu of the old, the new, the borrowed, the blue. Info:

Kate Ryan of Kate Ryan Veils designed the bone boutonniere (above). "It's an owl skull. I got it at the Belfry; that's where I get all my animal bones and pelts and oddities. They have a glass jar with vertebrae, only $5 each. There are also Ouija boards and antique Band-Aid kits for Boy Scouts. Oh, and birds' feet! In my other projects, I use them as fasteners, but I dress them up with fake flowers and gold patina, so people don't get as startled." Info:

The groom's additional interchangeable accessories include the sashay sash set by Devon Yan-Berrong of Devonation (above). One has rainbow tones and dozens of origami cranes, to represent wishes and positivity, and the other involves a rubbery, cream-colored faux-leather synthetic material, clumped into sculptural petals. Info:

Bradford's Tuxes

From the ritzy downtown clothier Mario's, Bradford's black tux and shoes impart an enameled, classic look that's gone largely unchanged for the past hundred years. Go ahead and layer it beneath independent designer Jake Nelson's trashy epaulette set—he built it from caning, paper, and coffee cups, to ensure "everything is totally biodegradable." Info:,

Bradford's Accessories and Underwear

Designer Jake Nelson also provided Bradford's antique sock garters from his personal collection and designed the wood celebration bouquet. "It could be about the measure of a man. Or it might be about being a size queen," he says. "I wanted to make a more masculine shape, and I had tons of antique rulers lying around." Info:

Hot pink porn-print trunks by Danial Webster of Danial Webster Design are patterned with mimeographed images from mid-century adult movies. "You might recognize these gentlemen from the walls of Pony," says Webster. Capitol Hill's Retail Therapy will soon be carrying them, he says. Info:

The let's get a little ruff removable neck piece by Jordan Christianson of Jonquil & Mr Black distantly recalls an assortment of so many wonderful things: a dandy's elegance, country-western magic, paper bibs, throbbing nightclubs, suits of powdered blue. Pair it with a feathery blow-dried updo for a soft-focus vibe. Info: recommended