jack clifford


wow. pretty sucky swimming options. colman, you get kicked out after about 1.5 hours. great wolf is very expensive. and paying a hotel, to go to a pool?

here's a better suggestion. pay $400 and fly to south Carolina and hit a real beach, or texas LA CA HI mexico FL GA NC DE MD VA NJ NY RI MA.....you'll find waves to surf in and most beaches are free.....being hundreds of miles long sometimes....really, water sports in the northwest means stomping in mudflats getting some clams with fifty or sixty degree water....
Hmm. Three chlorinated options -- one of them hours away -- and a fourth option encouraging either hours of driving to surf on the coast, or else at least renting stuff to have fun. In any case, plan on spending money.

News flash! -- Puget Sound - the edge at least - is wonderful for swimming this time of year and basically free. All you need is a little forethought: a rising tide in the afternoon on a sunny day. The warmed up intertidal sand heats the incoming water, the upper 4-5 of water is already reasonably warm, and below that the much cooler water is refreshing to the toes.

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