Add-a-Ball, John John's, The Grizzled Wizard, and Shorty's

You should definitely go to all of these places, but never in one evening—you'll end up in some beer-drenched, wizard-and-clown-themed coma. Add-a-Ball's owners (one of whom has been known to abruptly strip to his underwear) started the place with a suitcase of cash won in a Mojave Desert truck race. Their newish Capitol Hill bar, John John's, is home to the foot-high Cold Springs "Man Can." There are also vintage arcade games and a giant papier- mâché polar bear. Shorty's has a clown motif, cheap, good hot dogs with fluorescent-green relish, more clowns, a nautical-themed backroom, and pinball. The Grizzled Wizard is known for its sexy DIO mural and is rumored to serve "Hawaiian Pizza Shots." (Add-a-Ball,; John John's,; Shorty's,; The Grizzled Wizard, SARAH GALVIN

Seattle Pinball Museum

"Dedicated to the preservation of pinball for future generations," the Seattle Pinball Museum in the International District currently has 54 pinball machines. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the sound of 54 pinball machines—the chimes of a certain kind of heaven. The machines span seven decades, including a 1969 King Tut, a 1978 Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a 1990 Data East Simpsons, a 1999 Star Wars Episode 1, a 2011 Rolling Stones, and a shiny new 2013 Metallica Pro. Pay the entrance fee, and they're all set to free play. Also, there is beer. Heaven, indeed. (508 Maynard Ave S, 623-0759, $10 adults/$7 kids 12 and under) BETHANY JEAN CLEMENT

Sopranos Pinball

I can't believe I'm telling you this, because this is my little pinball secret, but the Sopranos machine at GameWorks is really fun. (RIP, James Gandolfini.) No one goes to GameWorks to play pinball, they go to GameWorks to race cars and shoot zombies, so while everyone else is wasting their money on Dance Dance Revolution, you can spend hours working your way up to Mob Boss. It's got a talking fish and mini pole-dancers, and it's not too hard to score a free game, either! Bada bing! (GameWorks, 1511 Seventh Ave, MEGAN SELING