molly bauer


thank you for not actually recommending i go to gameworks. i have played the sopranos machine there and it is fantastic. but please...if anybody reads not give your patronage to this place...because it is a bastard place
Um, for Summer and arcades, you should be plugging Full Tilt! Ice cream, pinball and arcade games, and a number of locations around town. Plus, they do have beer. Also the Narwhal has a decent arcade if you avoid Friday and Saturday nights when all the douchebags show up.
Seattle Pinball Museum

Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy....
Went and Played The Sopranos , The volume was too Low , slope of the pin wasn't rite, To Slow,, I think i could get into this Pin if i had it in the GRG and tinkered w/ it a Bit.. The Owner wasn't there but he called me earlier today and said he could sell it for $ 2500.00 .. Flipper Button wear , need's to be shop'd.. Look @ the Pict's and tell me what you would offer.

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