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The Extreme Greatness of the Breeders

If you’re one of the doofuses who thought the Breeders were only a ’90s two-hit wonder, please slap yourself.


Title TK is what had me fall IN love with them. Her solo series are turning out to be really reminiscent of that album.

Also, I am deeply envious of the Last Splash outfit you described.
This is so amazing.
Fuck yes.
Thank you for this! I went to college near to Dayton and we got the Breeders to play a warm up concert right before the release of Last Splash. Was already in love with Pod and Safari (title song of that EP is every bit as good as Cannonball), but Last Splash was epic. It was amazing getting to see a band right before they hit the big time. Can't believe it was 20 years ago....ouch.

I didn't want to deal with the B-shoot throng for this one, so I'm headed up to the Vancouver show instead.
Lar, really well done. Thanks. Saw them at the old Croc back in the day and they were amazing live. This is going to be the show to see Sunday.
I loved Kelley Deal's records too. It's all so good. Nice article.
Great article. I LOVE the Breeders! I can't wait for this show on Sunday. Anyone who likes the Breeders should also check out Throwing Muses. Wish Kristin Hersh and Tanya D. were playing Bumbershoot too.
Last Splash is just a rock solid album. Every single track is fantastic, and it all works together wonderfully. Even many of my favorite musicians will put out albums that have a few good tracks, maybe even several, but it's rare indeed when the entire album works as a whole.
LS is one of my fave albums. XO Breeders!
'Had I to pick my favorite Breeders record, it might be 'Pacer'. "But!", you say, "It's not a Breeders record!" In name, perhaps, but in spirit it is totally the proper follow-up to 'Last Splash'. In fact, it's better than 'Last Splash'. (Yeah, I said it.) It's perfect in a way records aren't supposed to be perfect. Pop broken in half and stitched back together again. "Hoverin" makes its argument for the "Best Song In The World", exactly because it is clearly not the best song in the world. Every time I've seen the Breeders they've done at least two songs off this record and they are invariably the highlight of the evening. ("Hoverin" live in 2009 was quite possibly the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed. You probably weren't there so you don't know - if a concert you go to DOESN'T include Kim Deal doing "Hoverin", it's almost not worth going. Jesus. Christ.)'
@4: i think i was at that concert - or at another one in a crap bar in downtown tayton right then. i remember chatting josephine wiggs up and then blowing it. the memory still stings.

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