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Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, and Schoolteachers Are Happily Consuming Washington's Legal Pot. How Long Will the Stereotype of the Law-Flaunting, Couch-Bound Pothead Prevail?

Professional, educated, “after 5 p.m.” pot smoker. kelly o


Nice piece. Thanks for doing it and helping to kill the stereotypes. It will be important for weed users to be part of this change, to come 'out' as much as we can, to help the stigmas go away.

My dream is a future where weed is the go-to recreational drug of choice and alcohol loses some clout. Once people see that you can do it and still do pretty much anything else, that it is less damaging to your body and life than alcohol, we'll have something.

Since I've been on a diet, cannabis has been my sole recreational intoxicant; and I have to say, it's been something of a blessing. Rather than giving me cravings for any old assortment of junk foods, a few hits on the vape enhances the experience of my calorie-and-carbohydrate restricted evening meal, making me feel completely satisfied on half the amount of food I probably would have consumed before. Plus, unlike alcohol, there's no added calories and no insulin-induced "sugar roller coaster" after effects to suffer!
One thing that hasn't been solved by legal weed: drug testing. People in our state are still screens for pot by companies who require drug screens. This screening is not only pre-employment or ransoms at Boeing (or by major sports organizations), but also in the aftermath of on the job accidents. These last tests are particularly problematic, as they are not done to check for intoxication, but to check for their mere presence. This is unfair all around, but especially unfair for a product which is legal in 2 states, and remains present in your system long (up to 30 days), long after the buzz has worn off. There is still work to do.

Isn't The Drunk still a staple of mockery? And sly alcohol jokes were in back in when everyone took a shot just for walking into a room.
"Thunderbaked" is my new favorite weed term. I'll have to work on passing the "blitzed" threshold tonight so I can explain my intoxication that way to my roommate.
Totally agree with #2. Since I've started smoking I hardly ever drink alcohol for the same reason of trying to maintain the lost weight from two years ago. What I really like is the fact that if I get a strong craving eating salads and fruits for munchies or carrots and cucumbers for snacks totally works! They taste so much better for me and my diet has never been healthier.

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