Julie, 27, evidently enjoys clear skies and the occasional breeze through the trees on her wedding day, shown here with her parents George and Mary Dutton.

It seems to be 2:21 p.m., April 8, 1984, making it a Sunday. Judging by the quality and distribution of sunlight on George and Mary's faces and on Mary's right hand and stockings, as compared to how the same sunlight seems unable to make its way in full force to Julie's pallid face or arms or upper body and arguably flowers and maybe especially her hair, it looks certain that Julie and her husband will not be enjoying a long, loving marriage.

The UFO-ish, sort of whooshing triangle of silvery light on the top of George's head, besides being interesting and maybe, to some, a bit eerie, indicates that George is bald, wearing a toupee.

Based on clues imperceptible to the untrained eye, there's a 12 percent chance Julie and George and Mary were Photoshopped into this photo. If so, George was inserted first, then Julie, then Mary, occluding the person, people, dog, dogs, combination of people and dogs, small trees, scrub, brush, chairs, other furniture, otherwise notable phenomena, unexplained hole, or featureless scenery that was originally depicted. recommended

Tao Lin is the author of Taipei and other novels. He lives in New York City.