Pullout Apr 16, 2014 at 4:00 am

What's In, What's Out!


"Pretty much everyone smokes pot."

About 1 in 10 Americans have smoked pot in the past year. That will likely go up as more state repeal their laws against it, but right now it's a small minority of the country.
hating on THE WALL just shows how dumb u are
OUT: Judging other people's highs. Kinda goes against the spirit of the thing.
@1: 1 out of 10 Americans is not a particularly small percentage of the country, sorry.
There are several things wrong here....
You guys should find a new line of work.|
Obviously, or at least, hopefully.. Nobody takes what you say literally because we all know 70% of you people are easily lead by suggestion. (For example our current way of life: being wrecking the earth for our personal pleasure)
I showed your little list to many others, and this was the approx reaction:

What's IN: People doing whatever they want with pot with positive outcomes for everybody.
What's OUT: People telling people what to do with their pot that makes them want negative outcomes for everybody.
What's IN: All is relative. Everyone has their own opinion on every subject. People will eat whatever they please. People will smoke however they please.
What's OUT: F*** what we said before. People saying Bob Marley is OUT can shove that opinion, because that's downright blaspheme. People will listen to whoever they please.

Get the point? People don't like what you think, because you kind of write SUPER mainstream-(maybe that's your job)-and closed minded. Because half of those "OUT's" are actually still "IN" and I just happened to stumble upon this garbage, otherwise this wouldn't be worth writing.
I'm convinced the criminals who don't get high off their own supply are the ones who want cannibals illegal. Tax free cash and the added bonus of extortion and political blackmail.
I want 5 minutes alone with the twerp that designed the Google autotype spellcheck. Its to read cannibas not cannibals. Wait, are there cannibals in Seattle?
Hilarious and true! But saying the Wall is terrible.....them's fighting words!

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