Pullout Apr 16, 2014 at 4:00 am

These Places Won't Crunch Your Buzz



Goodbye, Fort St George.
@1 Ha!

and, +1...
Wow, you guys are fancy. I would just order a pizza.
waffles and Cherry Garcia
Jade Garden, while tasty, isn't really worth the hassle. Joy Palace, MLK and Graham. That's where I'll be sitting, stoned, tomorrow.
@5 I'm partial to House of Hong as almost-as-good-without-the-wait as Jade Garden, but for the deliciousness of the food Jade Garden is still on top.
Oh your gods, don't go to Olympia. Just... don't.

Surly kitchen employees sliding pizzas at me across a table, something akin to food poisoning, overly acidic sauces, terrible service in general, just... don't.
Stoned advice about Ezell's (I should have a degree in this shit):

Take the roll & rip in half.

Add potatoe salad to roll halfs, add siracha if you're spicy, add meat & crispy fried delicious skin. Squish together in sandwich like form. Consume.

Also, most decadent stoner meal I've ever had was the Crab & Swiss melt from Burger Master with onion rings & tarter added to the sandwich. Get yourself one of their shakes to go with.

((Mic drop))

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