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Juju Joints are Discreet, Disposable, and Mild—and They're Changing the Way People Consume Marijuana


We sell the JuJu joints in our recreational store as well (for $65 including all taxes, by the way). People really like the elevated CBD content -about 3%. In traditional weed, CBD levels are closer to .1 or .2%.

They've been a good product for us.

Sara Welty

Loving Farms
"it's not one of those vape pen thingies you have to go out and buy cartridges of marijuana oil for. Those vaporizers have several parts and need to be charged. To use a Juju Joint, you don't have to charge anything. You don't have to fill it with anything. You don't have to screw anything into anything else. You just open the box (marked with whatever strain of marijuana oil is inside), pull out the plastic Juju Joint, and inhale."

so basically they're like other vape pens with replaceable cartridges except they produce more waste. the only difference between that and a vape pen with an interchangeable cartridge is you don't trash the whole thing and have to buy a new one each time. and there are already products on the market that don't use glycerine.
this is a vape pen thingie.
Sounds interesting.

I am moving to Seattle in Feb. 2015 and will try it.
One friend paid $72 after tax and his juju had no mojo.

Didn't work.

Mine, total ripoff. No high and lasted maybe 50 pulls.

Washington State has really f'ed up legalization. You should be given a carton of these POS for $72.

I love these sketchy pot stores opening up that either have the feel of an Auburn fireworks stand or an Eastern European mafia ring.

Why didn't converting the med shops, which are pristine and high quality, along with augmenting via these shitt state stores win the day?
So, where are they available? Will they be coming to the UK or available to buy (at a reasonable/cheap) price for over-seas delivery?
Disposable for whom? Gaia? --- http://www.earth-liberation-front.org .
That's the downside: They're landfill filler. The company says they're working on a program to recycle them.

- srsly boo this. we don't need more garbage. I am disappointed this downside (or for me, deal-breaker) is not given more attention.

-Peter B. Angels
I need a couple of pallets worth :-)
Marcus Charles... Isn't he the guy who tried to convince hipsters to vote for Dino Rossi in 2012?

Seems legit.
150 hits my ass. I got mine three weeks ago, used it every other day or so, 2-3 hits a day, and it's dunzo. I've been pretty happy (price aside) otherwise, but I'd be surprised if it had half the capacity it claims it had. Still like how compact and easy on the lungs it is, but I may look into a higher end vape pen after this experience rather than going through one of these a month.
All you fucking vapists need to remember that all that "not smoke" you're exhaling still contains shit that everyone around you does not necessarily want to inhale.

Don't just go blowing your loads down our throats without permission!
Strongly recommend the pax ploom. They burn vegetation, require reasonably frequent cleanings, but are pretty high quality with a 10 year warranty. Very subtle flavor and stone, as noted. the dessicated brown remnants left in the bowl are a interesting contemplation point of what used to go in my lungs.
The Ploom Pax is pretty excellent to smoke out of. It's all the right technology - temperature controlled, etc. My buddy's got one. But the switchgear on it has been quite troublesome.

First, the switch on the mouthpiece got unreliable, so he sent it in under warranty. When he got it back, it worked slightly better, for a while, then it was back to the same issue. Talking to other Ploom owners, he found out it was a common issue, just a flaw in the design, and got some recommendations of some food/medical grade lubricants to put in the switch that made it somewhat more reliable.

Then the temperature control switch went bad. Now it's stuck on the hottest setting.

It's also a pain to clean.

However, I've yet to see another refillable vaporizer with the same set of features. For lack of any better options, I still recommend a Pax, even with these issues.
Pax is shit.

The best vape out there right now is the Arizer Solo. Long battery life, easy to use and clean.

Sure it is a little bigger than the pax or other e-pen items. But overall it is your best bang for your buck. The 2014 models are even better than before.
Nice copy.
I have the PAX and the Solo, PAX is just easier to use and doesn't look as sketchy. Maybe the new model is better, but I didn't love smoking out of a test tube.
This reads like Sponsored Content.
It's a pretty inferior product for the money. 150 hits? Hahahahahahaha, maybe 40-45. Very little buzz. It's bad juju. Much happier with the Rif I replaced it with.
@18 I just can't stand how hot the Pax gets Plus your mouth being that close to the heating element is just bizzare and leads to way too hot of a hit. I prefer the finer control of the arizer.

Sketchy? Never heard anyone ever that concerned about how they looked while the smoked. As for the test tube, there are numerous aftermarket tubes that don't have that look.
The Ascent is the best out there right now, no question about it IMO. Check it out: personalweedvaporizers.com happy vaping!
HAHAHA the Arizer Solo? The best vape out there? You have got to be kidding me. The Volcano blows the arizer out of the water, like, no comparison.

Hell $150 desktop vapes are much better than the Solo, the E-nano is so much better and is only $50 more. The Arizer isn't as shitty as MFLB's, but it's definitely not the best out there. It's okay at best.
I finally went out and bought a Juju on Sunday evening, averaged about 10-15 pulls a day on it and it's already out. Really like the design, and the delivery, not feeling great about just throwing the thing away, and now I'm just pissed I spent 60 bucks on getting vaguely stoned for 2 and a half days. Bummer. Would not buy again.
Amusing story ........... however we've been selling a very similar disposable THC e-cig in California for 4 years now .......... so I'm assuming these guys simply ripped us off. LOL
The Names Vape Daddy,

Remember if your proud, then smoke that loud, loudvapes that is.

Vape Daddy told ya.
Paid $90!! for a JuJu Joint at Cannabis City. Took 2 hits off of it every 10 mins 3 times (for a total of 6 hits) and felt nothing. Very disappointed.
I'll stick with my Pax, which is refillable and takes plain old weed instead of hash oil and propylene glycol.
All 20 somethings? Is that the best you guys could do? Who said youth was...smart?? No green cards? Here? Really? Apparently they've never heard of or been to a cannabis farmer's market either. Those prices are so cheap and the quality is at all time highs (pardon the pun) they'd ask why they still grow. Their perceived non-need of a green card is kind of telling of their "tribal intelligence" because in all the years I've had one (along with a CDL for 20 years before that thanks to the medical privacy laws) there's NO DOWNSIDE - NONE except in their minds. Like I said, who said youth had ANY brains?

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