Pullout Feb 18, 2015 at 4:00 am

What Is It Like to Live 12 Feet from a Roaring Highway?

The view from the OK Hotel. Kelly O


I assume said artist lives on the third (or is it the second?) floor where there used to be single-room art installations back when the bar was in action? Grim, dark, and interesting.
@1 - I was wondering the same thing. I remember the galleries, though I never ventured up those tall wooden stairs—during the OK's brief all-ages tenure it seemed like only older people did. Were the higher floors below market rate rooms back in the late 80's/early 90's as well?

2 questions:

the landlord at the OK Hotel accepts Section 8 vouchers?

sometimes "little chunks" fly off, and you think that's cool?
What is the point of this story? We should not tear the viaduct down because some poor sap would be sad about it or something? PLEASE, The Stranger, find a new topic to discuss. How about putting your energy behind meaningful rent control, or minimum wage again, or ANYthing but this.
Scotty Rickard should really come by and visit sometime. We'll have coffee and chat. No big. I like company. Beats him staring at me without me knowing about it.

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