A Very 99 Percent Holiday

Where You Should Spend Your Money—and Where You Should Definitely Not Spend Your Money—This Season


Let me add Salal Credit Union to your list as well! They treated me right after my nasty breakup with Chase.
I would also add Industrial Credit Union. If you have to buy something at a name brand store, Fred Mayer is localish. Not the best selection, but marginaly better than say, Best Buy. Independent stores might also have a problem special ordering something this time of year, so what I've done is make a card telling the person "this is your gift, it's in transit". It's odd, but sometimes it happens that way.
I'm with Watermark/Sound and they're great.
I've banked with WaMu for almost two decades and let my accounts roll over to Chase because I had such good customer service with WaMu and the same people were going to be sticking around at my branch. I now deeply regret that decision. I just tallied up the fees that I barely noticed and I've given Chase over $200. When they charged me $30 for a wire transfer that was always free with WaMu I sat down with their bankers to figure out how they could keep me as a customer. The short version? Fuck you since you don't keep enough of your money in any one account we just want to bleed you for your fees and without those fees we don't want you around. Oh, and they tried to blame Dodd-Frank for the fees.
I'm opening a new account at BECU where they actually want me and my business.
I bank with Qualstar Credit Union and even after a bankruptcy 5 years ago they got me a decent rate on a car loan and to transfer balance from my cards with 27% to 12% interest. They are awesome and it is nice to walk into a branch and they know who you are. They don't have many (Kent, Renton, Seattle, Tukwila, Tacoma and Everett) but they have shared branching with BECU and you can use any 7-11 atm with no fee and most other credit union machines. I use direct deposit and now you can deposit checks via scanner as well from home so not having many branches=no issue.
JEN GRAVES regularly supports buying thingslike a canvas with mustard smeared on it for thousands of dollars, so I'd take just about anything she says about spending with a whole shaker of salt.
You can really support American workers by getting gift certificates for restaurants, oil changes, massages, house cleaning, hair salons, pet grooming, etc. Keeps the money local.
Excellent! Well said!
With BECU, Qualstar, & Prevail....unfortunately still have some nickels with Chase..ugh! Curious ever thought of or perhaps there is a "buy local" debit card? One you can give to clients that is accepted @ local companies in the region. No company above say 100 employees or whatever the details are...
Stock up on ramen and Campbell's when on sale. Ignore advertisers and exhortations to spend. Do not spend locally. Do not spend at all.
According to the Credit Union National Association, only 241,000 new members joined credit unions in the month before Bank Transfer Day, and an estimated 40,000 on the actual day. Not sure that's "everybody".
I'll spend my money wherever the fuck I want you stupid cunt!
I'll spend my money wherever the fuck I want you stupid cunt!
I'll spend my money wherever the fuck I want you stupid cunt!
!@#*ing WallStreet*Mart couldn't pay me to shop there.
The Stranger writers are a bunch of retarded douchenozzles.
Don't buy from large corporations that control the market. Unless they sponsor an initiative that allows them to sell hard liquor at a lower price than any local stores. In that case-- Party at The Stranger!
If you are a student at UW, WSU, or Evergreen State College, you can also join WSECU as well.
Is there a local gift card available to help the triple poster up there get the giant bug removed from their ass?
The Stranger banks at Wells Fargo.
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