So You're Thinking of Joining a Cult

The Desire to Belong When You're Young Can Be Dangerous


The no-contractions rule is incredibly creepy in its simplicity and elegance. Talk about an easy way to socially isolate someone. You'll have a hard time expressing yourself, and everyone else will think you're a weirdo.
Thank you for taking the leap of faith and addressing a topic that needed to be heard by families, parents and their children. Forget Usnot, a facebook platform was created to support the parents who are experiencing the living bereavement of having a child who has been isolated and indoctrinated. Hoping that some of them choose themselves over the totalitarian groups that are being allowed to ravage their existence. They have been promise "freedom" at a very large expense.
I was 55 when I was drawn into a Buddhist cult; it can happen at any age. Cults are predatory and easily identify individuals who might be isolated or lonely. It took me seven years to figure things out, and after almost a year and a half out, I still have a lot of trust issues and social awkwardness. Nobody sets out to join a cult, and you don't realize it until you suddenly see a crack in the veneer, as this young woman did. It sounds silly to investigate a religious philosophy, but please take care - always investigate both sides. Members will tell you (because they believe) that everything is wonderful - look at the negative information as well, though. You wouldn't buy a car if there was a preponderance of negative opinions about it, and your spirituality deserves the same sense of caution.
I just want to say three things 1. "The Moonies" refurs to a cult following of the anime Sailor Moon" Followers of Sun Myung Moon can be referred to as Unificationist's, members of the Unification Church or the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. 2. The Unification Church still exists, it's not just a movement that was around in the 70's and 80's but one that was founded in Korean in 1954 and continues to this day. Though our founder Sun Myung Moon has passed two years ago, his wife Hak Ja Han keeps on leading of forward. 3. I can garuntee that your friend changing your name was her deception alone and had nothing directly to do with her interest in Sun Myung Moon. I have never before heard of anyone changing their name after joining, and I grew up in the movement in the U.S. and am still an active member here in Norway.
If you label yourself an American citizen, then you are already in a cult.