Capitol Hill Block Party 2011

Everything You Need to Know About This Year's Festival!


Head and the Heart: sometimes white people can be kind of corny when it comes to music....PF had it right.
wrong slow dance…
Jesus Christ, did Ghostland Observatory kill all the Stranger staff's puppies or something? I don't get the hate for them, especially combined with the inexplicable adoration for Mad Rad.

interesting about seattle music:

how it started.
You guys are cocksuckers
The photo accompanying the article sufficiently answers "everything you need to know."
yeah seriously, if you're going to review THE HEADLINING ACT ON FRIDAY NIGHT, maybe you should get someone to review it who ACTUALLY KNOWS THE BAND AND LIKES THEM. Cause, you know, A LOT OF PEOPLE IN SEATTLE REALLY REALLY LIKE GHOSTLAND OBSERVATORY and just because some snotty, pretentious bitch (LW) doesn't like there music doesn't mean you should give them a crappy review for all those people out there who would ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEIR SHOW. So, instead of giving an even worse name to the legions of snotty, pretentious music fucks out there (and, by the way, no individual group of people is more hated than FUCKING MUSIC SNOBS; except, maybe, hippies), why don't you get someone on the staff who likes their music to review it so that we all can get a faithful "preview" of this AWESOME band. I've read the stranger for years and years, and I was absolutely DISGUSTED by this craptastic review in what should be one of your more helpful segments. Fuck you for being a pretentious music snob, LW, and fuck you stranger editing staff for not cutting off the cancerous growth that is your pretentious, music snob review committee.
yeah, good idea, let's get people to review shit who already like it...what a the way they do suck
My stars, that's a lot of "breathy vocals."
No, music snobs are more hated even than hippies.
There is not one, single virtuoso anywhere in this entire line-up. When I walk past this shindig I just hang my head in sorrow. When I think of what "popular" music has become over the last decade a tear comes to my eye like the the Native American in the pollution commercials of my youth. Only YOU can prevent talentless people from making music. Only YOU.
Nice overview of bands playing, when I'm not even allowed to make up my own mind about who I want to see based on some actual insight instead of insults thrown by Lindy West. So she hates the band, so what? Her pieces should have been tossed and rewritten by someone who actually knows how to write about music.
It would be nice to mention that Cold Cave is fronted by Wesley Eisold. Even music snobs should appreciate that.
It's so controversial. Did anyone hear about the pride protest???…
ghostland fans showed there true colors on Friday- I wanted to drop a bomb on the 425