Papa's Brand-New Bag's Still Got Some Goodies in It

How Bumbershoot Funked Up and Souled Out


Well put. So many shows I go to I see people *trying* to move, *trying* to get down, but the tepid indie rock gruel is not giving them the necessary sustenance they need to locomote. Now listen to "Third Rock" by Pure Essence, it is like a rich, steaming bowl of audio soup that can be instantly converted into the necessary materials to make you move.…

i must say, i'm all about moving!

I've seen ELDRIDGE GRAVY AND THE COURT SUPREME several times and they always seem to make my funk bone shake. (yes, that does sound gross, but please, get your mind out of the gutter).

This band proves to you that funk is alive and well in Seattle! Check out this PACKED house at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco.…
Wow, too bad Bump Kitchen is not included, they are the REAL DEAL!!!!!!!