Countdown to Courtney

Hole Is Playing Bumbershoot 2010—God Only Knows What That Means


Please point to where I can read about her breastfeeding strangers outside of a dunkin donuts. I have seen a picture like that before and had no idea what it was a bout but still can't find anything on the internet TALKING about it.
Hhmmm.... The idea of experiencing either option #1 or #3 is tempting me to at least consider breaking my long-standing anti-Bumbershoot stance...

Or maybe I can just bend it a little.... hhmmm..
A recording that was 5 years in the making. It's not like she's been writing and working on an island. It's more like collateral for the debts she racked up when she wasn't stealing her daughter's inheritance. It had to drop eventually. Getting other artists to do her work isn't as easy as it used to be.
I wish I were Mr. Pulitzer so I could award you with more than a polite comment.
Just saw the concert. Turned out great! Not many singers can growl and rock like Courtney Love (and do it authentically). When she does get it right its fantastic... The band was excellent. Way better than the first band.
Gotta hand it to her, was a pretty sweet concert. wonder what Eddie thinks of her rendition of Jeremy?
Awesome show last night, thanks for a kick-ass performance Courtney!!!
Yep, she totally brought it. I'm so glad I was there.
fuck a hole