The Stranger's 2012 Bumbershoot Guide!

Here's What We Think of Every Damn Thing Happening at This Year's Festival (BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE!)


The most interesting thing about TACOCAT is that their name is the same backwards and forwards.

And that is not very interesting.

Is it possible some Stranger staff are in that band?
@2: It is not possible some Stranger staff are in that band.
You print your own ticket, and Tim Keck charges those exorbitant surcharges? Zootunes managed to charge a small amount.
Thanks for the concise roundup of the acts. Just wish there was more to like about the lineup. Too bad there are no Broad Street, EMP or NW Court stages. I guess the Promenade is the substitue this year. Between McCaw and the Exh Hall? Hmm. And where Center Square was there'll be Youngershoot? Screw that.
Btw - There's no way to "Save 18% on daily admission!" at The Stranger tickets.