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Fun. Is the Band You Like Before You Like Good Bands

Scissor Sisters for straight people. Lindsey Byrnes


So says the guy who probably hasn't heard "Aim and Ignite," a brilliant pop album.
It's kind weird when a band's sophomore stumble results in a couple of huge hits. I hope they find a way to unite the stuff that made "aim and ignite" really invigorating with the stuff that made "some nights" immensely popular
I almost don't want to google to see if the Black Eyed Peas have really broken up. I'm just gonna run with it and hope it's true and not exaggeration for comic effect.
nate's first band, the format, is one of the most solid emo-pop-indie rock bands of all time.

when i was a bright-eyed bushy-tailed 19 year old who had yet to lose faith in the music business, i was running the street teams for atlantic records, and i did a lot promotions for the format. they played once at the moore, and afterwards i was on their bus, and i drank a budweiser (one of my very first drinks!!) and nate sang along to the jackson 5 playing on the bus's ipod. it is still one of my most favorite, most pure memories of being a young music fan.

even though fun. is the most saccharine version of the format (and like, that hit radio song is clearly about date rape??), but i am still deeply defensive of fun. and nate!
Implying that Nate Ruess and/or fun. is anti-gay or conflicted about their gay fanbase seems way off base - I can't think of another non-McLemore pop act that talks more about acceptance. Plus spending a year touring with Tegan and Sara, fer cryin' out (very out) loud.

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