Last Week at Cafe Racer

The Neighborhood Comes to Grips with What's Happened


Thank you Grant.
For there is a boundary to looking.And the world that is looked at so deeply wants to flourish in love. Work of the eyes is done,now go and do heart-work on all the images imprisoned within you. Rilke, "Turning Point"
Nice piece Grant. Be kind to your neighbors is definitely is one thing I'm taking away from this.
Beautiful piece, Grant. Well done.
Thank you for the comments, Grant. Just a small clarification on this bit: "As they leave, the television crews swarm in, and about 30 members of the group at the end of 59th all raise a middle-finger salute to Cafe Racer."

That middle finger salute wasn't to Cafe Racer, it was to the news cameras. There were several reporters who'd been circling through the crowd of mourners that afternoon and we just kind of wanted to be left alone. When the police tape cleared and the cameras turned on us, we let them know exactly what we thought of them.

All of that being said, so many of my friends have commented on what a wonderful job Brendan, Kelly O., and the rest of the Stranger staff have done in covering this tragedy. Your guys' stories are the ones we're linking to on our Facebook pages. None of the other news outlets have managed to give our friends the honor they're due. Thank you.
Thanks mixie, I'll make that correction.
Awesome. Thanks very much for the article and the correction!