Booze and Strippers

Separating Them Defies Natural Law


I went to Mary's a lot. One of the best no BS and good food!
Oh , the stories I could tell you about the Acropolis!
I moved to Portland,Or. in 1987 when I was 18. I was a dancer from Colorado Springs. I heard it was well, nice and "Green" in Portland.
The Acropolis was one of the first clubs I ever danced. I worked there a long time. Later I was a waitress there.(Got married and now am just Mom.) Now that is a hard Job at that particular place. Dancing is not Easy , but waiting on some of the customers is a real Pain! Next time your there when its busy watch the waitresses and bartenders. You run your ass off most the time for the customer to go "oh, here waitress as he hands you a handfull of ones, Could you give that to the dancer? grrrr..
I have not been there in the last 4 yrs as I have moved out of state.
Buy hey, I love Bobby the owner he is a great guy. Pam is the best bartender , and Crissy is the best cook but be SURE TO TIP or ELSE.
Lots of love to my rainy , naked, home brew,(yeah , Terminator) State of Oregon.
Rain on!
No sales tax in OREGON!
this articles is abbout 8 years old. are the strip clubs mentioned still operating ?