How to Be a Person Who Isn't a Failure


Wait wait wait. Hold up a moment.

Article IV contains extremely useful information, but why take the hypocritical dig at Foskett? Those shirtless photos of him in the hot springs or as a devilish grinned-sailor that Stranger staffers published snared him a helluva lot more votes and publicity than he could have garnered solo.

(The Stranger's endorsement that year certainly didn't hurt his chances, either. ... or did it?)

It's completely absurd to argue the photos in question ruined his bid for office. Isn't it more accurate to say that he lost his race due to the fact that:

a) the liberal-as-all-get-out 43rd was going to elect gay-gay-gay Jamie Pedersen by a landslide regardless?

b) or, the more likely scenario, he was a college sophomore who had very little business running in the first place? (Let alone as a Republican.)

It strikes me as poor taste to ask someone to pose "bare assed" for "cheesecake/beefcake" shots then turn and say "No, no, kids, don't participate in this behavior."
Fuck this article, especially the part about being an artist. How about having an actual personality instead of a bunch of fabricated "cool" traits like you are still in high school.
"It must be said: Binge drinking is not a great idea. You could get raped, you could fall out a window, you could die of alcohol poisoning or aspirating your own vomit."

You could get raped? How about you could rape someone? 70% of rape among college students involve alcohol or drug use but not because the victim has been drinking but because the rapist has been drinking. Let's encourage college students to hold rapists accountable, not to find excuses for said rapists.

It is wrong to encourage victim blaming in your "Back-To-School Edition" or anywhere for that matter. Shame on you.
this is funny.
man up seattle.
stop sucking
"If you are one of the few, enjoy school for its own sake—just don't count on it to land you a job."

And keep in mind that, the greater your passion for a particular kind of knowledge, the more easily you will be ground into dust by the petty bullshit involved in actually pursuing it for a living. Don't assume, for example, that loving biology means you will love being a biologist.
I think this article in general is funny and contains a lot of valuable information as well.

One area where it is behind the times involved Debit cards. The assumption of the writer was that if you try to spend more than you have in the bank when you use a debit card, you will be declined, and thus safe from spending money you don't have and horrible charges as well.

This was once true, but it is no longer. Most debit cards now act like credit cards. They allow you to spend money that is not in the bank and then hit you with enormous fees for doing so. Only about 1/3 of the nation's debit cards still operate on the old "declined because there is no money there" model.

To be safe you can either get an account at one of the few places that don't allow debit card over drafts (almost certainly a credit union, banks believe it is their moral duty to fuck you) or you can check your balance before using the card and then withdraw cash from an atm (or grocery store) and just use cash.

Congress is considering legislation that will allow consumers to opt in to over draft protection (also known as enormous fees for the banking industry while destroying the young and poor). At the moment though you generally can not even opt out of this crushing bad deal.
Come on guys -- don't try to pretend to be philosophers if you don't know what you are talking about. I wouldn't even bother commenting, but you so completely misrepresent one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century that something has to be said. The entire body of Wittgenstein's work after the Tractatus is about dismantling assumptions of analytic philosophy, including his own suppositions in the Tractatus. Do your research!

Wow. A lot of your commenters seem wound a bit tight...

This is really a great piece -- I thoroughly enjoyed it, identified with most of it and laughed out loud a couple of times. Is it going to be an ongoing project? You could wind up with a nice little book if you kept at it. There are so many dicks out there, it just seems wrong to stop now when you've only scratched the surface at illuminating some important issues.

Think about what you've started, and embace the responsibility of the unsheathed quill: You are poised to be fathers (and moms, if you got chicks) of an entirely new branch of academic study. Dickology. Or Dickosophy, perhaps. Whichever, we need clarity of the lines between acceptible behaviour and contemptible dickishness.

Otherwise, if you are accepting a little feedback about the writing, I admired the soft touch you've demonstrated here and there instead of clobbering the humour.

On the other hand, without trying to be too critical, maybe the writer of the section on doctors has come back from the ganjathon or whatever that was, and would consider a fresh stab at a promising topic if handled lucidly.

Good work people. I applaud you and hope you keep going.
I was always under the impression that having a credit card was a good move in terms of building credit and eventually getting loans to buy a house/car/etc. Just pay them off IN FULL every month so you don't get into trouble.
great post on success.

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