2009 Stranger Visual Art Genius Jeffry Mitchell


I wish Jen Graves or the editors showed more of Mitchell's work than that one piglet - that reminds me that Seattle is an arts and crafts place of sorts with Nordic trolls of all kinds still lurking about. Otherwise, whether Jeff is a sweet or sour pig, his five tails or three feet etc. are irrelevant, no?


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Jeffry does not look like Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Phillips Seymour Hoffman lookes like Jeffry Mitchell who, I agree, is a @#X$%@ genius.
Jeffry is a VHB (very human being). Thank you for sharing it all with us, looking forward to more.

to michael roloff #2: hmmm, your post is perhaps not a great reference to your "psychoanalytic" skills. I can't imagine it would take much insight to gleen from this small article that Jeffry's work is both highly regarded and psychologically complicated.

All it takes is a cursory trip through the web to see Jeff's work if you truly want to see more, it's really quite easy. By the way he would be thrilled to know you found his work reminiscent of some arts & craft sale, really .. pleased as punch.
Really cool video of jeffry.... http://www.youtube.com/user/museumofglas…
Jeffry is a genius.