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Way to go Stranger. I think the Genius awards are the best thing you do. (Well, you do a lot wrong too but this is good.)
I have seen the end of human resources and it's in Wired Magazine March 2008.
What is the minimum age for this? It sounds like a great time, but if it's 21+, it sounds like all of us 19-20 year old youngins are left in the dust.

Anyone know?
note the ad on the top right of this page - it's 21+
who cares about youth. go skateboarding or something.
Has Paul Constant ever read any science fiction? Neal Stephenson has to be the most overrated writer in America, possibly in the English language. Certainly in the history of science fiction.

And Paul Constant, in one short paragraph, makes the two stupidest comments about science fiction I have ever seen or heard (and I go back 50 years as a reader). "The Diamond Age" defined cutting edge for the next ten years? God what an impoverished imagination you must have. Only to be matched, if not topped, by the claim that Space Opera has been long stagnant. This statement is so off the charts I can't even parody it. If by "long" he means that any of at least three writers I can think of off the top of my head haven't published anything this week, I will concede his point.

Please don't demean Sherman Alexie's well deserved award by following it with one to a libertarian blow-hard suffering from terminal prolixity.

I wouldn't have thought it possible, but a few short pages later Paul Constant manages to make a third statement re Neal Stephenson even dumber than the previous two. "The Diamond Age" made science fiction "...matter again." Constant must be dipping his raging hard-on in ink to be writing this stuff. He hasn't the slightest fucking idea what he is talking about.

Not sure why the public is invited, and free.
Lets take it from post-modern.. avant garde elitist.. where "the public isn't invited."

It's a great thing you're doing really, but the party is bullshit.
Hmmm... THE STRANGER has never before been known to gently (or not-so-gently) massage the prostate of the capitol hill, pike/pine-consortium... anyone who tells you otherwise must have read that in THE WEEKLY
Paul Constant should win a genius award for the best intro!
well i think it was good i went 2 the movie 2 see it iam 13 i was 12 when i went 2 go see it its was hell good

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