Pullout Sep 14, 2011 at 4:00 am

Meet the Brand-New Geniuses!

kathryn rathke



You guys got yerselfs Fabio! (Whe knew HE was a GENIUS?!)

Well Done!

(Lots of people tell me that I look just like Fabio. And, other than the hair, the bod, and the well-chisled face, I think I'd have to agree with them...)
Why do the drawings of the winners always make them look like such smug, pretentious, a-holes?
to Paul Constant: 'Why not quote at least one good page of the winner, to allow a reader to get a feel for the writer's work?"

Mr. Frizelle I want to rename "frizzles" - his verbiage does nothing to convince me that John Osebold is any good, which he might very well be.

Jen Greves, as usual, is the only critic, aside Mr. Mudede, who is worth paying attention to in The Stranger.

I miss Annie Wagner who seemed to have some real talent as a drama reviewer.
#4 Your verbiage does convince me that you're a bitter fool.

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