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A Look at the Scientific Research

mary p. traverse


Really.... Maybe not....

Smoking Marijuana Does Not Lower IQ Scores, But Alcohol Use May

Weirdly, it seems that the people most drawn to smoking marijuana are kids. If we could put a robust legal market in place (everywhere!) and crack down on people selling to kids we could maybe have a positive effect on the weed smoking kids problem.
I think most of this is complete bullshit. I started smoking weed when I was 15. Avoided high school altogether, took two years at a community college, and finished at the University of Oregon. Weed does not seem to have negatively effected my academic performance. I've been making a comfortable living since my graduation in 1984.
Well Congrats! But a single datum(your life) is not statistically significant.
Maybe getting dumber is a benefit of smoking weed? America is not a friendly place for smart, inquisitive, high-energy kids. By dropping 20 IQ points or so, these kids can fit right in and lead useful, productive lives.
Hopefully greater acceptance and conversation about canabis will lead to communications between parents, teachers, counselors and teens. It seems the scientific consensus is growing, but a major contributor to this correlation may be due to kids who are already in trouble and useing weed to address problems in their lives. Even with weed, I suspect teens can grow up healthy with the right support systems.

Ah ha.
if anything, @3, you of all people are living proof that it does affect your cognitive performance.
At least I'm not a PBR drinking Seattle grammar Nazi douche bag.
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At least I'm not a PBR drinking Seattle grammar Nazi douche bag.

Yes you are, Ziff, and it's ok.
Yes you are, Ziff, and it's ok.
Nope, sorry. Not so.

* I have never made jokes about "fucking ducks".
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* Though I recently made a MALT LIQUOR and COCAINE joke, it was the first in a long time.
* I don't live within the Seattle City limits.
* I am not a grammar Nazi.

It's very sad that in a public discussion forum, the Seattle Hipster Douche Bag contingent can not actually discuss anything without making off topic insults to people they disagree with...
I know I'm way dumber than I would have been - I only finished 3rd in my class.

when did they start ranking Special Ed students?
I think you mean "the jury is still out". Or "no verdict yet". But NOT "the verdict is still out".
#3 Your anecdotal evidence is anecdotal.
Arthur, your singular life experience has no significant scientific value compared to a scientific study of hundreds or thousands of kids. That's how science is better than individual anecdotal opinion.
@3 - imagine where you might be had you not smoked all that dope as a teen, in the 70s. ;)
@12 I kinda miss the MALT LIQUOR and COCAINE jokes. Some of your best material.
Kelly- I don't mean to be a jerk, but you make some statements that are inaccurate and misleading in this article. You should really provide links for the articles you cite (http://www.pnas.org/content/109/40/E2657…), to encourage cross checking of your statements.

For example, you state the following about the Duke paper: "Studies were performed periodically throughout their lives, and were carefully controlled to ensure test subjects did not have any other drug or alcohol addictions or psychological disorders, and were not high at the time of the test. They found that those who used pot more than once weekly before age 18 displayed more severely impaired intelligence, slower reaction times, shorter attention spans, and poorer listening skills than those who began using marijuana after age 18."

Before saying more, a definition of clinical dependence from the DSM-V manual where the researchers defined their qualifiers - "There is a pattern of repeated self-administration that can result in tolerance, withdrawal, and compulsive drug-taking behavior." Read more here or anywhere else (http://www.4shared.com/office/Qm28z-8H/D…) but the bar is pretty high for this diagnosis (aka TOTAL POTHEADS *who have resulting problems*)

Your statement is inaccurate/untrue for a few reasons.

1. They demonstrated controls for other addictions, and that presence of other addictions did not affect their overall conclusion. BUT, they DID NOT exclude these individuals from their study as you suggest.

2. They show that people who used pot weekly before 18, and are continuing to use on a frequent basis at the age of 38 (Also, 2+ clinical diagnoses of dependence over the years of the study), demonstrate reduced IQ that persists even after stopping use. (Aside: this effect, btw, is ~7-8 IQ points, the error of an IQ test is likely 3.5-4, although they do not include this info in their study).

3. When considering ALL participants, which includes those clinically diagnosed as dependent 1, 2, & 3 times, they see reduction of "impaired intelligence, slower reaction times, shorter attention spans, and poorer listening skills." The individuals diagnosed as "clinically dependent" is where the majority of the statistical strength of their conclusions comes from. This is NOT, by ANY MEASURE AT ALL, the same as "...those who used pot more than once weekly before age 18".

Sorry for the long note, but I thought someone should say that this study isn't concluding or showing what the media has been saying. Is marijuana use at a clinically dependent level bad for you in these ways? Probably yes (almost definitely). Is it even worse when use starts before the age of 18, probably yes. BUT, I'm pretty sure this is not what you have stated here, and a correction should be issued if I read this study correctly.

But, the statement of "weekly" before the age of 18? That's almost definitely wrong based off of my reading...
duke is the main proprietorial owner of green leaf tobacco, the main strain of burl tobacco in pre rolled cigarettes. of course there going to shit on marijuana!
@3 idk if u will respond but thanks for making that point i am a adolesent pothead (14) and i am determining if i should quit now while its not bad but from the multiple sites i have researched the ansewer is hard to find cause many of them contradict the other so what would your opinion be? ( I know its stupid to ask random people on the internet for advice but adults around me will obviously tell me to stop and they have very little knowlege of weed.)
Will7. From a 40 year smoker, 14 is a bit early to be a regular user. The few people I've know who had trouble with pot often start young.

Most brain damage research is biased towards finding harm, so they mix those who smoke from 4-125 joints per month in the same group, and find some indication among heavy users and apply results to all.

Moderation in all things, including moderation.
While this study shows correlations without causation, why would anyone make the assumption that the regular introduction of a psychoactive chemical to a developing brain will have no effect on the development? Considering changes are permanent, it would seem like an incredibly high risk/low reward activity.

As far as your lovely account of your life, Arthur, the pot you smoked in the 1970's was perhaps in the 3%-7% THC range while modern strains are upwards of 27%. So imagine how you things may have played out if instead of the 2-3 times a week you did it back in '72, you did it as much as 9 times more often.

Additionally, you claim to live a comfortable life. Fair enough, but comfortable for you may well be making enough money to rent a one bedroom apartment, internet, tv and lots of weed. Not necessarily everyone's defenition of "comfortable". Point is that some people like poor Will may look at your 'story' and substitute it for the reality of the picture science paints. While science does not pretend to have all the questions answered, you do.

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