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A Look at the Science of Vaporizers



"...and tequila can make you slutty." ??? Is this a proven effect? I'd like to see the research into this. LOL!

"...because cannabis research is desperately lacking." It already being one of the most researched substances known to man, but yes, we do need further research and that is happening all the time, and the more we research it the more we put to bed the false propaganda and discover its amazing benefits.

Combustion causes the release of many toxic and carcinogenic compounds as well as tar which are then inhaled. Vaporization doesn't. Therefore is vaporizing safer? Yes, vastly so, when compared to the combustion method of inhalation. Is it completely harmless is a better question and the answer is probably no as inhaling anything apart from clean fresh air (which very few people are actually afforded the luxury of in our industrialized modern world) is the not good for your lung health, although there is some evidence that goes to prove that some compounds in cannabis can actually protect the users lungs from damage from harmful compounds.

So another possible question is should we all be using some form of cannabis inhalant to protect our lungs from everyday damage? I guess more research will provide the answer.
The Juju Joint sounds good but carries a price tag of $65 at recreational retailers (150 hits from 3 g worth of quality herb).

Pending further price reductions as technology proceeds, may I mention the flexible drawtube one-hitter as described-- and primitively illustrated-- at wikiHow.com/"12 Ways to Make Pipes from Everyday Objects"-- handmade from $1.29 worth of parts left lying around in your garage by the previous God. Well actually the title still reads "Smoke Pipes", maybe someday enough readers will be attracted by the Vape truth.

The technique for (mostly) Vaping with a one-hitter is to hold the heat source (such as a lighter flame) far enough (an inch or so) BELOW the opening while sucking smoothly so that 385F/195C air enters the 1/4"-diam. Vape Compartment where 25 mg of herb sits on a #40 metal screen. After several seconds during which you have sucked most vapors out, move the light closer and the temperature higher, maybe setting the mostly cellulose remnants aglow (and if the above article is correct, harvesting some CBD). Then breathe 30 warm wet W's in and out of a Lunchspielhaus (breadbag).
Vaporizing is absolutely safer than smoking. But, a quality vaporizer is essential! This company, Vapir INC did a pretty cool study with a group in Oakland - sampling the vapor at various temperatures to generate a better understanding of vapor contents :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npjDX2jc…
Do lungs know how to eject material from vaping? Our ancestors have been breathing smoke for millions of years. We are still here. Which species has been vaping oils without the other things that come with smoke?

Common sense says vaping is better but isn't that the same common sense that thought alcohol prohibition was a good idea? Let's wait for the science before we start presenting common sense assumptions as fact.
"So, to answer the question—yes, vaping is safer, but it's not necessarily safe. More research is needed to understand the risks associated with the vapors produced by different devices."

Great time to be one of these vaporizer researchers right now, these guys have been saying the same thing for 10 years and counting. Tell your kids to change their college major, something tells me they're going to need a lot more research.
Risks? Will you show the same concern with Big Pharma's poison pills? ( and all the millions of artificial compounds produced over the past one-hundred years?)GMOs? Ganja's been used by humans for ages: there is more than enough proof of its safeness.
With a vaporizer you are inhaling gasified resins. My experience says there will inevitably be problems down the road.
All I know is that unless your cartridge only contains water, there is NO WAY the vapor you exhale is "just" water, so please stop getting so defensive when non-smokers rightfully look at you funny for using one of those in enclosed spaces.
The major reason of the vaporizer's popularity is that they have a lot of benefits over regular combustion process. We all know that carbon monoxide is being produced when we burn tobacco. It will take time for the debris present in the latter to be cleared from our respiratory system. By using vaporizers, you can cut down the risks of developing cancer. It's how technology adapts and develops in a rapid changing pace. In countries where smoking weed is not yet legal, vaporizers like from marillow.com are a good substitute. They can be used in parties, concerts or any other events because it has no odor that can ruin your enjoyment.
@6 Humans have and continue to use all manner of wildly unsafe things for ages - there is a reason our lifespan, death rates from disease, infant mortality and quality of life are higher than they have been through the vast majority of history - and part of that reason is improved ability to study the effects of the various stupid things we do - tobacco has a longer history of use than pot, and there's nothing safe about it.

Another part of that is the ability to improve medications through folks like those working in Big Pharma. Like any corporate entity there are issues, but pills are pretty much universally safer than their natural counterparts. Nature has no interest in being killed and consumed by us, much less in making the experience safe for us. It's just safer and more effective to take aspirin than it is to eat willow bark.

Tobacco has a longer history of use than pot, and there's nothing safe about it.
@6: Keep your brainless politics off my science. If your claim is true, there should be no reason at all for you to disagree with more research into the matter.
Why do none of these articles ever mention to people that it is currently illegal to vape in public spaces in WA???
Says the stranger "let's consider the science!" Then it proceeds to give us some stoned speculation from one of its so called reporters with absolutely no reference to scientific research at all except to handwavingly say "there hasn't been much but I think it says this."

Stranger writers: still pretending to be journalists all day every day because you can't make us stop.
The stranger seems to be pimping pretty hard for the vaporizer industry lately. What the hell is that about? I bet a good journalist could follow the money trail to a damned good story on that, if there were any of those around anymore. You know, marijuana grows out of the ground naturally for free. Then money gets involved and somebody gets the idea to leech the magic out of the weed with butane or carbon dioxide greenhouse gasses, and put the stuff into plastic tubes made of waste products from petroleum refining with a disposable toxic battery attached, and sell it to you as the healthier alternative. You know, they had to dam up a salmon spawning stream to make the electricity to power your vaporizer. Some states burn coal to make electricity. How safe is that? I personally don't enjoy being jerked around and lied to by the oil companies, and that includes hash oil. Just figure out how to roll a joint you pansies. Something kills all of us eventually, and it most likely won't be smoking a joint.
All you fucking vapists need to remember that all that "not smoke" you're exhaling still contains shit that everyone around you does not necessarily want to inhale.

Don't just go blowing your loads down our throats without permission!
@14, Pansies grow out of the ground, too.
If anything, vaporizing is much more efficient (weed lasts longer, plus after you're done you can take the leftovers and smoke them or infuse them into cooking oil) and there's practically no smell. I've used a MFLB (google it) for two years and I've noticed zero effects on anything in my respiratory tract.
"vaporizers that utilize oils deliver higher doses of THC than vaporizers that utilize dry plant."

Source please.

You forgot to take into account that vaporizers that use oils burn an almost invisible amount of oil, while vapes that burn plant material use a bug hunk. One puff on either should be, give or take, about the same dose.
@17 Sorry jackass, @11 is completely right. Do you think research is a zero sum game or something?
Upside of marijuana legalization: fewer people in jail for a non-crime. More tax revenues for the state. Possibly fewer DUIs. Opening up previously closed avenues of medical research into cannabinoids.

Downside: having to listen to people like @6/17.
Calm the fuck down you idiots this is just comments on the internets
Sounds like the 5th Columnist should vape a bit and chill out.

Vaping is just way less gross than smoking. So I'm going to keep doing it. Haters gonna hate.
@22: enjoy your ban.
@10 thanks for sharing your unsubstantiated assumptions and bias
I was always a fan of either a magnifying glass (less useful in cloudy Seattle or Nightime anywhere) or a wood burning tool (can get one for <$20 at an art supply store). Both had the advantage of burning the plant and the plant only, and sometimes getting the temperature right.
Juju joints are a ripoff. Save your money, there's nothing close to what they claim in the way of puffs, and they're pretty worthless puffs at that.
I've always preferred eating it. But everyone's always in a hurry.
I definitely prefer vaping over combustion. Highs seem much more clear and I save so much more herb. I also have like 30 vaporizers now :/ I like options!
I definitely prefer vaping over combustion. Highs seem much more clear and I save so much more herb. I have like 30 vaporizers now :/ I like options! Check out my site for all the reviews.

The article we are asked to consider alcohol, which contains only one active ingredient, ethanol. Then compares it with cannabis, which has over 70, plus the carcinogenic waste products produced via combustion.

This is not a valid comparison. Alcoholic beverages are perceived to have different effects because of the placebo effect. Cannabis is no different, however since there are more active ingredients, we know some of them will be doing something different. The question is, what and how.

The AHA has worked hard to get vaping classified the same as smoking all over the country. This is not a win for the e-cig industry it is another case of supposed science base organization down playing the benefits of this life saving tech.
I've been Smoking Canabis for a long, long, long time and compared to the Soda Can I punched holes in to smoke out of when i first tried it or the endless joints and blunt papers- recently, Vapor (Eureka) Pens with Oil in it have changed my smoking results and habits. A sealer Head high with no come downs, the only drowsiness is from constant inhalation of the thing with super doses of THC obviously but I wake up feeling perfect with no headaches or typical heavy smoking results.

I think for me it was more of a therapeutic thing:

1.) Going on the Hunt for Weed from a Dealer or Shop nowadays I guess and choosing among different strands and looks and smells

2.) Purchasing my Rolling Products

3.) Sitting and Admiring the Buds and breaking them down (Sticky mess)

4.) Rolling and perfecting my Joint/Blunt

5.) Smoking away and relaxing after coughing, etc

I am in Love with Vaping, unless something bad pops up soon but for now enjoy it more and compared to the prices of buds and results from Smoking real buds recently (Smoked a Joint, tasted horrible, felt all the smoke and "Chemicals" and damn near threw up after only 3-4 weeks of vaping)-

In the End- I Don't think I will EVER SMOKE AGAIN.

We are developing a line of high quality vaporizers and would love your feedback on what is most important to you. Please take a few minutes for our survey. We will use this information to make you the best possible product!

Best regards,

Magic Within
Vaporizers are more safe and healthier than smoking cannabis as it simple heats the active materials that produces the vapes safe for inhaling unlike the normal smoking that burns them producing the toxic ingredients

this analytical shows cbd peaking at about 380 degrees. does it repeak beyond 400?
I can only speak from my own experience, but I used to have a pretty bad cough from smoking even after I switched from smoking joints to a bong. When I started vaping my weed instead of smoking it that went away after a couple of days. There is no question in my mind that vaping is far healthier than smoking. The kicker for me is that the vapor is also much more potent and the effects from the herb is so much more intense so it's a no brainer for me lol. The best vape I had ever tried so far is the Ascent by Davinci. You can check it out for yourself here: http://personalweedvaporizers.com/portab… enjoy!

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