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Pot Can Help You Get Over Your Inhibitions


DAN, you have body issues? But you're a stone fox!
I HATE pot. Hate, hate, hate it. I support other people smoking it if they want to, but I won't touch it because it makes me feel shitty.

It took me a long time to realize that pot and I did not get along and I should probably just not smoke it, partly because people kept telling me to just chill, maaaaaan, and that it was all about my state of mind. I don't think that's true; I think it's just that people have different physiologial responses to pot. Some people love it, and some don't.

My point is that it's not a cure-all for anxiety and inhibitions. For me, it makes my levels of anxiety and inhibition go through the roof. If you wanna try it, go for it, I guess, but I hope people don't feel like there's something wrong with them if it's not effective.

Also, it seems illogical to prescribe smoking pot for a resistance to sober sex. I mean, duh.

So you had to smoke pot to get the courage to eat ass? No judgement, I'm just surprised.

My problem with pot is the taste and smell. It's OK vaporized though, and sometimes you can get these concentrated candies called Cheeba Chews that you can swallow whole like a pill so you don't have to taste the green. Eating it tends to kill my libido though.
Yes, pot does potentiate anxiety in many people, essentially making one more self-conscious and enhancing underlying tendencies. But it's also possible to adapt to these feelings, and in such cases it helps to take less of the drug or take a different strain. And when you work through these issues, the rewards on the other side are pretty amazing.
@4 Work through issues? Sometimes you just need to break a thought cycle, not psychoanalyze your entire life. Pot is a pretty damn safe way to do that.

I hate how people, even if they are pro-pot, still think life should be lived without any drugs ever. Drugs are PART of life! It's when they start to define your life that they become an issue. Responsible use of mild drugs like pot can be positively life changing.

@4 I don't really care to work through those "issues," even if they can be worked through. I don't like the stuff and have no medicinal use for it. Why would I do something I don't want or need to do? Not everyone likes gettting stoned.
I came to pot smoking at 29, and it's given me some incredible insights into my life. It's also shown me a worrying addictive side that could exist if I let it. But I really appreciate that the voters of this state have given me the freedom to explore that line as I see fit, even if the particular implementation here is a little dysfunctional. And I wouldn't ever let someone who didn't 100% want to use use in my presence.
Wow, I knew Dan & I were about the same age, but I had no idea we have almost the exact same experience timeline with pot. I NEVER touched it in high school or college, but took my first hit when I was about 37, just to see what all the fuss was about... and what do you know, it helped my depression AND made me horny as hell! Now if only my state would get on the baked bandwagon...
I swear by pot for sex. I call it the female viagra. I've tried taking viagra and IMO it's not the female viagra: it's the female nada. The difference pot makes to me can be the difference between having zero orgasms and having six or more. This is partly because I get performance anxiety with less-familiar partners and have a tendency to choke on the orgasm front. But apart from lowering inhibitions, pot also makes you feel more sensual, more connected to your body. Alcohol lowers inhibitions but it also numbs you out; I don't have better sex when drunk. To those who say "You stink!" I agree that smokers (of anything) smell gross – and then are the health effects. So vaporize – your pot will last longer too! :)

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