Stoner Sports Are More Than Bong Lifts and Cheetos Crunches

Athletics for the High-Minded



Pot slows your reaction time. You just chose three events as stoner sports that require good reaction times.
@1- Try playing for fun instead of for victory.
@2, try playing at all after a bongload of Girl Scout Cookie.
How about basketball -- half the NBA can't be wrong. There was a time when most of the players were stoners, I'm not sure if that is the case anymore (a lot of the guys now are real health nuts -- they don't drink, don't eat candy, don't smoke, etc.).

Outdoor sports are great while stoned. Skiing (especially backcountry) snowboarding, and hiking are standard stoner sports.

@1 Wrong. See example number one above. Your reaction time is just fine on weed.