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i've found that most bud in washington is too strong. some trips have led to internal
freak-outs in public places. you learn to control the experience, ride it out, and have
fun. i don't prefer the comatose state, but a more mellow functional state. the ability
to get around, take care of business, and write, etc. but i'm also a recreational user,
not a medical user. i also tend to cut my joints with a fifty / fifty blend of marijuana &
tobacco, which is quite nice. i also suspect that a decent portion of what i've managed
to score comes from b.c., and i'm not complaining, but i'd rather stick to the local stuff.
Too strong? May I smoke what you smoke?
Please remind the Clueless Hoi Polloi that hemp is also legal here now. ----- http://www.hemp.com
Remind me why anybody will pay for the "medical" exam for medical marijuana after you can buy it at retail outlets.
@bert, medical is tax free so could be potentially cheaper than retail.
@Bert. They probably won't. But otherwise what 5 said.
Dear Stranger Staff, do you have any concern that, although it is legal in Washington State, it is not federally legal and therefore still a violation of the supreme court laws?
@7 While I don't care for this party-pooper statement, you are right to see this as an issue. For instance popping for THC on a piss test STILL gets you fired, especially if it's with a federal job.

Though I think a better question is why the federal government would allow pot use at the state level when that's completely ass backwards legal-wise.
@1, you're right that weed is generally too strong. Unless you're a daily or semi-daily smoker, a few hits can knock you out of the park.

Slate Magazine agrees. Here is an article discussing how there is an underserved market for mellow (weaker) pot: http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and…

There is no such thing as herb thats too strong. The stronger the better.
coming to Seattle for the first time! I'm staying downtown. where can I find some good tree?!?! need some tonight please help!
This is amusing to see in print. For myself; I and several others are preparing to branch a "Smokers Guide" for Seattle, as we have in Amsterdam, NL. For Amsterdamers; Seattle needs a great amount of help to bridge the Rec's and Med's. We saw this on the 10th; where counterproductive splintering can cause problems we never had in Amsterdam. It was decided that as we work on this yearly book, we will try to bridge the breach between the two camps. If anyone is interested on the basic concept, looking up Amsterdam Smokers Guide will give an over view.
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