Don't Call Him the "Pot Czar"

Mark Kleiman Is Advising the State on How to Run a Legal Pot Industry


This guy is the best "pot expert" they could find? Shit.
One of the major concerns of the "pot expert" seems to be that WA. will produce so much that WA. growers will be exporting the stuff. I am more concerned about pot being imported from OR, CO, and California, and funneled into the system through legal retail outlets. How would you combat that?
A pot expert is someone who is an expert on pot. I was convicted of growing weed 27 years ago. I have grown, analyzed, cloned, sprouted, crossed, topped, transplanted, revived, rescued, scrogged, shocked, flowered, autoflowered, BHO'd, shotgunned, gravity bonged, vaporized, dried out, wrapped up, baggied up, split and pruned an endless amount of this stuff and I am still not an expert. I am a student of a 10,00 year old medicine that is a key component to the dwellers on this planet. If it were not, then it would not be so fragrant and tasty. I can't for the life of me understand why tobacco is legal! It gives you only death. Marijuana is illegal and it makes you feel good, cures illness and weakness, proven irrefutably, that it cures cancer (tommy chong prostate cancer), used in ropes, glues, makeup, clothing, oils, emollients, food, medicines, crafts and peace gatherings yet it is illegal. Who is fooling who? Why are we even listening to these people we voted into office? They do what we say, not the other way around America! If they do not, they are out of office remember? Don't tread on me! Stop letting big pharma's money, lock up your family members. Stop letting someone who cares nothing about you dictate what medicine you have chosen to use to fight what is killing you. Take your pride back, get back your freedom and teach your kids how to tell the government that they do NOT NEED THEIR ASSISTANCE!
Well there goes the neighborhood! Everybody knows that just as soon as the feds gets their mitts on the regulation of Cannabis. We won't even be able to grow for personal use. It'll be just like proabition. Why do we have so many greedy and power hungry politions?