Will Pot Ruin Your Manhood?

Two Women Investigate This Myth and Other Bullshit


Omg, who is excited for the weed mythbusters that will come out when weed is legal everywhere (at least I'm hoping mythbusters will still be around when that happens)?
Your statement about Ole Røgeberg analysis of Meier et al.'s New Zealand longitudinal study is a misrepresentation of the facts.

Røgeberg disagreed with Meier's statistical analysis and created an alternative model that he thought better accounted for the effect of Socio-economic status (but plenty of other researchers have criticized Røgeberg's analysis) , but this didn't "debunk" Meier's conclusion.

Røgeberg explicitly says in his abstract "Although it would be too strong to say that the results have been discredited, the methodology is flawed and the causal inference drawn from the results premature."

The conclusion everyone should draw is that smoking weed regularly (3 days/week, in this study)during adolescence may, or may not, cause a drop in IQ scores.
Urging people to smoke bible pages is pretty irresponsible. Most bibles are printed on specifically flame retardant paper, and most printing paper (and some inks) are harmful to toxic to smoke even without the flame retardant chemicals. (I hope you notice the irony of including that childish tactic that actually negative health consequences in an article about not letting the stoner wisdom of teenagers ruin your high.)
@3 Can't tell if trolling, or just dumb and humorless
Pot with exercise (not done while high) makes me horny as fuck
Anecdotally, I'd say the rare "all CBD, almost no THC" strains can kind of sober you up a bit.

I tried the experiment of intentionally smoking a bunch more Sour Diesel than I would want to. Following up with CBD Sour Tsunami (tested at high CBD and miniscule THC) actually muted the unpleasant effects and cleared my head a great deal.
We need to have this debate because no stoner guy has ever accidentally gotten his girlfriend pregnant.
I totally commented after only reading the first sentence. I am such a stoner.
@sweet g. I hope you noticed the irony in how annoying you are. Go read readers digest or something please. You clearly lack the sense of humor to read the stranger without being a crotch.
@2 Really smartypants? Ass.