Don't Smoke Pot

Vaporize It: Two Excellent Handheld Vaporizers


Vaping rules. Ive got an arizer solo and it really brings out the taste of good herb.
i bought my magic flight launch box online and it was the best investment I ever made and its so much more portable then your arizer solo herbal vaporizer ,) awesome comparison post! Love this site :)
I got the arizer solo because everything I read said it beats the MFLB and the PAX in terms of battery life, vapor quality, and maintenance/cleaning requirements. Plus I got it for only 160$. Its portable and stealthy enough that I have no problems putting it in a paper drink cup with the bottom cut off and walking around vaping while looking like I am drinking a pop.
The MFLB uses NiMh batteries, not the traditional AA that are sold everywhere.
I will second the love for the Arizer solo. An amazing little machine.
I have a pax and it works great....sometimes. Right now it likes to not heat up unless I hold sideways pressure against the mouthpiece. I am thinking of sending it back since they say it has a lifetime warranty.
I vote for the Atmos RX-which allows you to vape dry flower as well as BHO. It's no bigger than a pen and only 180!!!
I bought my MFLB on ebay two months ago (new in-the-box, with four batteries and a charger), for $78 total -- not $120-150.

Quite functional without breaking the bank. But the extra batteries come in handy.
Any suggestions on stores that carry the models you're recommending?
I'm not that fond of vaporizers as I find the high one dimensional and repetitive, with little variation of result between different strains. Don't get me wrong - I'm getting high, but without the subtlety and nuance of smoking a joint.
The Cloud Vape!
Just bought my first Vape. Not very experienced at smoking. Point is I purchased the PAX, It works great! Feels solid in your hand, well constructed, no coughing, a smooth draw and everything is spot on. Id recommend the PAX to anyone. I love mine.
Down here in Oly we have been using the Pulsar Vapes. Nothing quite like getting stoned and going on a long run with a strong set of lungs. :-)
I take my pax around my neighborhood. I call it 'cropdusting' my neighbors.
This vaporizer very clever pax!
The Pax is really well designed for dry herbs, does anyone have suggestions on a micro style pen? I don't want to be a G Pen Bandwagon'r I've checked out Cloud Pens and LoudVapes I like the designs of loudvapes and they are a tad cheaper. does anyone else have an opinion on more of a portable pen for concentrates?