The Pioneers

The Entrepreneurs Risking Everything to Sell You the State's First Legal Pot


Simple Goggle up Steve Sarich to understand how Skewed and Perverted this is to the Washington Legal Cannabis Patients! Government documents coming to light showing 'Backdoor' Deals for licenses prematurely, and other such nonsense should just be ignored? I THINK NOT! FIRE THE BUMS
Well, I guess that answers the question about Med Mix (the current restaurant at that corner) rebuilding after the arson.

Hope he keeps the car wash open though, it's the only one near us.
@3 Eisenberg specifically told me the Med Mix still plans to re-open. He indicated he might build behind The Neighbor Lady tavern.
It's going to be an interesting experiment to see what happens to that intersection. Up until now, it has been slowly getting nicer/more stable - The Neighbor Lady, MedMix (before the fire) - and generally less sketch. Plus, the pre-pot corner development plans looked promising. I suppose it could go either way at this point, more sketch or nicer...on one hand, a lot more legal money is going to be infused into that block(s), but it could also become red-light district-ish. Plus, a lot of younger families have been moving into the neighborhood, which makes for possible conflict. It is the literal intersection of gentrification and legal pot.

Those are good points, but it's also quite possible at least some of the new families coming into the neighborhood are smokers themselves - it's certainly not unheard of for parents, particularly those in their 20's & early 30's to be clandestine stoners - so the conflict hopefully will not be as sharp as you suggest.

But regardless, living less than three blocks away from what could easily be one of Seattle's first legal pot shops is definitely an advantage from my perspective!
Question to the "Red light" district argument? Ever been to Amsterdam? Or the Czech Republic, where so many prostitues out of 10 have aids? Where do you associate pot with prostitutes? Coffee houses and the red light district are highly government regulated, away from all people and children, is very safe and profitable. So, maybe you should do your homework. Pot companies aren't reinventing the wheel here. Pot was already sold in america in numerous forms up to 1936. Check your history books. The FDA's 1929 report on cannabis said in there "scientific opinion" Cannabis was an inert substance, and posed no threat to American Citizens, and saw no reason to limit its use for personal, or industrial uses. Then, in 1936, all of a sudden, its a class 1 substance, Reefer Madness comes out, and now its 70 plus years later, and everyone thinks its new? Are you kidding? Its everywhere, just out of sight. The DEA Claimed operating expenses, to battle a purported 122.8 billion in illegal US sales. So tell me thats chump change. Go add up Starbucks, Microsoft, and Boeing for Fiscal 2012, and its 141.4 billion WORLD WIDE. We did all that pot smoking just here. So, the business owners arent inventing. There regulating, adapting, paying taxes, and making made in america mean something.