The Ideal Legal Joint: Low in Potency, High in Flavor

A Product We Want from the Pot Industry


I agree with this fully. I took one puff the other day before a sportsball game with a friend and I was an idiot afterwards. When I'm too high I find it difficult to even speak with another person. It's pretty much the same situation as drinking too much, I get kind of mentally disabled, and it sucks. I tend to drink beer or cider so I can pace my intoxication and keep it at a certain level. That strategy is impossible with weed. I'd definitely buy low potency joints, for sure.

Accurate labeling will be the key to this, and the stupid effin name people come up with for strains isn't good enough.
I know your intent is to create a product that is naturally a certain flavor, but if we follow the model of the cigarette industry we should expect giant corporations to conceal flavor enhancers and harsh chemicals to manipulate the product for mass market appeal. Granted the current law requires the bud to be organic, but will it protect consumers from the introduction of other chemicals to create the perfect taste?

Maybe it is a false sense of security because I can't tell what kind of shit has been sprayed on a bud in the black market world we live in now, but until I know producers can't introduce non-marijuana based, poisonous chemicals, I would like to keep rolling my own joints. It would be nice to know the weed I'm using isn't going to knock my on my ass, though.
If we wanted Skinny Boy Bud we wouldn't have legalized it ...

Hmm, all the flavor and none of the potency sounds like O'Dweeds from Chapelle's Show. I like to actually get high though, but thanks for the suggestion.
What I really want to see is swishers sold with the weed already in them
This product kind of already exists in the "medical" market. The high CBD strains have effects that range from a nice mellow high to pretty much not getting you high at all (just a mild feeling of alertness and well-being) depending on the CBD:THC ratio, while still having full flavor.

The first time I tried one of the pretty-much-all-CBD strains (CBD Sour Tsunami #3), I was thinking that I could easily picture people smoking it like a hookah with no intent of getting stoned at all.
Triple thumbs up, and I was thinking along a similar vien when the law was passed. I just about need to take a xanax to handle many of the super-strains these days, which pretty much defeats the purpose of smoking weed to begin with. I recall some of the outdoor grown stuff in the southeast about 20 years ago as lots of fun. Kind of gave you a light alert sparkly feeling and you could get things done instead of wanting to hide on the couch.
Im not convinced we should want or encourage a product that results in more smoking. One of the reasons that pot smoking currently is not as terrible a health hazard as cigs is because most people aren't chain smoking pot. Taking a puff and being good to go for the better part of the rest of the day is really much healthier than constantly smoking one after another.
I will add, however, it would be nice to see some strains developed that focus on attributes besides potency.
Fully agree with the premise here: there's a wide gulf between 3% ABV lagers and Bacardi 151, and anyone drinking anything has an absolute right to know what they're getting.

But I don't understand the continuing presumption that smoking has to be the preferred method of administration. What we need is a cocktail culture surrounding marijuana, where potent tinctures with tiny amounts of residual alcohol or glycerin can become mixers in an infinite array of creative combinations. Think of a couple dashes of pot bitters into a glass of Rachel's Ginger Beer. No smoking, predictable dosing, not bothering anyone else with smoke. If people want to get high faster than GI tract absorption, sell under-the-tongue dissolving pot pills or eventually allow vaping in bars.

I really hope someday the idea of inhaling burning plant material to get THC becomes as anathema as rectal administration of vodka to get drunk.
Yup, grass started to get too potent for me in the late '70s -- couldn't expect me to do anything vertical after a joint, or less.

A puff too many at a party in the '80s and '90s, and I couldn't talk.

So I gave the shit up for decades, but just recently started a couple puffs on a vaporizer at night to tackle insomnia.

But I remember that nice high of weed before the THC and whatever was magnified by a hundred.

You want only a little, but you have to smoke it all? The fact that you can't take a fix of "pot" without having to finish the whole "joint" is proof of how addictive marijuana "pot" drugs are.

8-hour anxiety attack for me. The yield in insight was huge but I won't intentionally do it again. Pleez -- low potency joints!
Oh! Like Decaf Coffee? Didn't we already smoke shit like this in the 70s? It was called Mexican Dirt Weed (or the like) as I recall. I want my, I want my, I want my THC!
Yes! I basically smoked pot everyday since I was thirteen. Then I went to college in upstate New York and turned into a paranoid coma victim every time I smoked. The shit become way too powerful for me to handle.

I would live nothing more to buy a pack of Marlborough Greens so I can enjoy a smoke with my honey, who has a hell of a lot more tolerance than I ever will.
The availability of low potency pot would be a great way to ensure that more people can enjoy this drug safely and responsibly.
The high CDB with low THC. strains are what you talking about. I bought some from a dispensary the other day. You're just a little high for 20 minutes or so and then it fades out really mellow. It's good for me!!
I hear that, and completely agree. There's times when I want to be off the planet, and times when I would just like to maintain a pleasant cruising altitude. I have a sense that we're not alone in this, and that this market is going to deliver our salvation.
We are still under prohibition. Don't kid yourself. There are hoards of profiteers out there already swaying politics and ensuring that the rational availability of free medicine will never be realized.
The idea is brilliant. We've grown accustomed to good flavor and quality translating to high potency, and weak pot being nasty. It does not have to be that way. Nasty pot should go the way of nasty wine and liquor-- not available on the market.
I smoke cigars for the taste. I smoke cannabis to get high. This is a HORRIBLE idea. I'll grow my own, thank you very much. Keep your goddamn grubby greedy government hands off of it!!
This is very short sighted and coming from a person who either wants to be able to smoke with their friends or is plugging for big pharma or tobacco companies. A general lack in knowledge as to the science of what makes medical marijuana effective and what the vast majority of the market ACTUALLY wants seems to lacking also. What about all the mystery chemicals that will be added to the "joints" like the cigarette companies already?

Marijuana is 100% healthy as is, let pharma or tobacco get into it and they will modify it otherwise to be addictive and more importantly patentable....and just because we are "adults" now shouldn't make it OK to push unhealthy things on people. And by keeping it in the form of cigarettes you continue to keep that image popular amongst young people and adults... or are the deaths attributes to that nationally "ok" because we are adults???

I doubt the cost will plummet either because majority of great quality medicine is already grown in large warehouses or large farms in medicinal states... by adding all the different variables to packaging, filters etc, you could expect the price to go up... and taxed more to the patient or rec user... Look how affordable cigarettes are now...

What this industry really needs is for places who sell medical or recreational marijuana to have it tested for mold and pesticides, whether it be on the ownis of grower of clinic. Solve THAT problem and you give people what vast majority of Americans NEED!! and they and people like your brother can sort out the potencies from a suitable menu with the help of an experienced guide... WHICH ALREADY EXISTS!

This is just the first wave of attempts for big corp. to make you think you need something other than the original for profit, and a continuing tribute to the shoddy reporting out there on a subject that should demand real attention to the details at this point.

Let's make a future that makes sense for real adults who use this plant, not a wet dream for big tobacco or pharma companies at the expense of the general populations health and to realize a juvenile's poorly thought out dream!
When I smoked I actually liked the shitty hash cigarettes that were all I ever came across in Europe. It was nice to be able to smoke in a bar while having a beer and being social without getting completely zorched.
Do people still smoke joints? Seriously, I haven't seen a joint in a really, really long time. Just about everyone I know who smokes (or everyone who I've seen smoking pot) takes a toke and puts the pipe/bong/vaporizor away. I can see the appeal -- smoking is fun (sort of) it is like cigars I guess.

But personally, the less smoke the better. That is why vaporizers are so great. Besides, the last thing we want to encourage is more folks smoking anything. Not only for health reasons, but because it is annoying to those that don't smoke. When I see young punks endlessly smoking pot at a bus stop I want to stop and tell them to get a vaporizer (I know, they are expensive, but still). Or, at the very least, smoke somewhere else. Of course, in the case of some areas (like Folklife, Bumbershoot, etc.) there really isn't a convenient "somewhere else".
more proof Dominic Holden is a lightweight
I like it when I can take one small toke and I'm done for another 6 months or so. I used to smoke it all the time, and I see friends that smoke it to the point where their tolerance is just insane. I voted for the legalization because it is so much easier to deal with a stoner than a drunk any day. But selling super weak pot at the same price as what would be "good pot" the stuff is going to be taxed by weight, and if they are going to waste the tax dollars, at least I'd like to get something worthwhile instead of a million bike lanes and no parking within miles.
That's a pretty good idea. You could even have ratings on the THC level, much like alcohol.

Ross, yes people still smoke joints.
For those of you who are getting "too high", you might want to try and mix tobacco w/ the product to tame the high. It's smoother too...
It's pretty clear by now that Dominic Holden does not understand the concept of prohibition and actually supports it unknowingly. How much does Alison Holcomb pay this moron to write all this pro502 propaganda. shame on the stranger for even running any of it. what a joke.
Jesus Christ, 12, work on your reading comprehension. That's exactly the opposite of what people are talking about here. They want something they can enjoy leisurely. It's like calling someone a drunkard for wanting a 12 ounce beer rather than a shot of 180 proof vodka. It's not sound logic.
Yep. I smoke a tiny one-hitter hit of modern weed and that's fine. Shit is so strong it's hard to properly control the dosage. I'd be happy with weed one third as strong as the stuff I get now.
They say blasphemy is a victimless crime. This story contradicts that statement.
@12: tee hee (c)

Catatonic anxiety attack is pretty much the perfect way to describe what happens to me when I take more than like 2 hits. It's not pleasant. But a mild high is fantastic. I would totally buy something like this.
Yep, I echo many of the stories here. Modern weed turns me into a mute ball of panic and twitchiness.

I'd love to try one of the high-CBD/low-THC strains, but I'm not willing to fork out for a medical card, and my regular doc doesn't authorise.

If I knew I was good with it, I'd scrape up the money. I don't really want to blow that much money just for an experiment though.
I'm probably missing something, but how about "not smoking a whole joint" and/or "consume smaller portions of high potency drugs"?
I don't think lifting prohibition will automatically ensure that you can buy in well defined dosages... that certainly didn't seem to be the case when I visited Amsterdam; space cakes from the first couple vendors had almost no effect, space cake from the fourth fried our brains. (and yes, we left lots of time between the experiments)
@ 29, you hit it right on the head. When I buy beer, I know what I'm getting. At the store, vodka is 40 proof or whatever, and is clearly labeled for proof. 90 proof wild turkey is what it is. If you want to drink all night in a bar, you can knowingly get blotto'd on hard alcohol or drink beer all night. In a similar way, being able to smoke 'brain stunning super bud' is great when that's what you want, but being able to have a low-key buzz over the course of an evening should be a choice. The legal market, like the legal tobacco and alcohol markets, will have strengths and weaknesses.
@35- Well the trouble is you don't know how potent your weed is until you try it. When it is extremely potent it's very hard to manage your dose. So you do a hit and fuck, you're too high. That sucks. Next time you try to get half a hit, mmmm.... pretty good but maybe a bit more... Fuck, too high. OK, you try to measure 3/4s of a hit...

It's a pain in the ass. A nice weak joint you can take some puffs, see how you feel, hit it again or not... You get to work your way up instead of down. At this point in marijuana history I wouldn't smoke a whole joint unless I had a team of experts around to keep me from floating out of the atmosphere.
total pussy shit, this is a market for people who dont really smoke weed. if a joint gets you too high, which i will never understand, just buy a bowl and take a few hits of some really good bud, you'll end up smoking less and getting the high that you are looking for instead of smoking whatever it is they would be putting in these low grade joints and having to take an entire joints worth of smoke into your lungs to get the same high.
@ 35. So bars and stores should only sell everclear. After all, not consuming large portions of mind-altering drugs is the point, right? Why drink beer or wine when a singe shot of the hard stuff would be enough? How about buying a bottle of booze without having a clear idea about its proof, or weather it's been manufactured safely? The advantage of a legal market is being able to buy clearly labeled safe products, at the potency level you desire. If the demand is there, a legal marketplace will sell products to meet the demand.

When I was younger, LSD and skateboarding all night and into the next day while tripping balls was great. Now, not so much. Smoking weed is much more my speed as a middle-aged slacker. Not all mind-altering drugs are equal, just as beer and white lightning moonshine aren't.
@36 dosages for loose-leaf (well, bud) marijuana are always going to be difficult to calculate. But the medical mj edibles are well-labelled for content.
70 'tabac, 30 weed: The safe alternative?
if you want crappy weed...just buy some Mexican dirt weed and you can have your low potency..other than that I would like to keep my cannabis with a 12-17% THC .....

All I know is you can take one sip of beer and not turn into like a chocoholic for alcohol. But one puff of "weed"? You can't stop. You have to finish the whole drug cigarette. No force on Earth can make you put it down.

There's 40 other addicts on this thread begging for a weaker monkey on their back. If only this devil drug weren't so powerful, maybe I could kick, they plead. It's sickening.

And you admit you can't enjoy taking marijuana "pot" drugs that you've been tripping on up to now. Clearly if there's no pleasure to be had in taking pot, why fix? Because you can't stop. Addiction, we call it.

Folks, Ph'nglui is yanking your chain. Pretty effectively, too.
Duhhhhh, Lite beer works....
I'm sorry but i don't like this. I like being really High. I don't go out in public High, because that's idiotic. It does make me stupid, but it makes me laugh, and that is what is important to me is happiness, i'm not saying that low potency is bad, but i wouldn't smoke them because, i'd rather be really stoned. ;3
Well, I suppose that's the nice thing about making it legal. The market will determine what is sold. If there is a significant demand for weak pot, then the producers will sell it.

Me, I'll stick with the stronger stuff. I like getting a bit high, but don't actually like smoking tons of pot. I can't imagine wanting to smoke a whole joint. Giving me weak pot is just torture. I'm far happier taking a toke or two off a vaporizer, putting it away, and enjoying the high. I have no desire whatsoever to smoke a whole joint like a cigarette. *Blech*

Happily, I'm pretty sure once the legal pot stores get up and running, they'll have a nice selection. They'll have the weak joints for Dominic and the stronger stuff in small quantities for me. Thank you free market!
Yay free markets! I'll take my $20/gram sinsemilla bong fuel as my personal choice, please.
Give potency. I'll just some less(or more) to suit. Who the hell smokes joints anymore? Ok i do on occasion, but I'd rather use a bong or pipe. In fact I'm mostly vaping herb. Increasingly I vape oils with a pen. Join the 21st century Dominic.
I fail to see why we're discussing this as if there's only one choice possible in a legal market--particularly as it's not publically legal per se, ala hookah bars. So sell cannabis cigarettes if that's what people want--a portable party high in their pocket that's also fairly discreet (relative to tobacco at least). Sell vaporizers and grinders. Sell bongs. Sell portopipes.

So that takes care of the "smoking" part. But it's also not exactly brain surgery to sell different potencies and sell them alongside each other. You CAN test a strain for THC, CBO, etc, and put those percentages on the label and sell accordingly. Want a pack of 10s? Go for it. Looking for a party night and want some 15s? Sure. Touring with Phish? Grab the 22s.

It's America!
I think there should be different potency's that way everyone can be happy with what they are used to
Who's going to start the school to train "weed sommeliers"? For a city this nerdy, we've gotta be on the forefront of this.
I was backpacking and my monkey-pipe clogged up from so much usage... no way to clean it... luckily, I found an emergency paper (and an emergency bud) with my 10 essentials... so yeah, I have smoked a joint recently...

I totally agree with the lower potency weed... Also, scientist are currently developing different strains by manipulating the cannabanoids to help republicans/tea-partyers find reality...

god, I love this State (WA)
I would like them to invent some pot that I, a person with very sensitive (read, bipolar) brain chemistry can smoke safely without going full blown psychotic.
It's unhealthy for your lungs for you to smoke too often, regardless of the potency, doing it more often is more unhealthy. There organic plant matter other than thc and cbc that are more present in weaker stuff than stronger stuff, so in this scenario you'd be smoking more of the other chemicals, getting less high, and spending more money probably. Also, Ballard Dude, weed and alcohol are very different animals. With drinking it's not an issue to weaken the dose because drinking liquids by nature isn't a physically harmful thing to do, while smoking is. Alcohol is different, because in weaker doses the alternative substances are water, and other normally consumable materials. Not so much the case with bud. Potency is healthier because THC and CBC aren't toxic to your body. The rest of the stuff is most of what makes you cough. If people have tough experiences with it I blame dehydration.
Amen. The pot we smoked in the 60's was low octane Mexican weed ($10 bucks a 'lid', roughly an oz., a price quite stable for years.) The advent of high potency pot took much of the sociability out of smoking (cf Moroccan kif, a mild blend of weed and tobacco smoked openly in cafés there by older men in that era.)

Modern skunk weed is the equivalent of bathtub gin. Society should welcome the opportunity for well titrated doses of cannabis, as it has for alcohol for millennia.
jesus christ, are you a fucking moron? do you actually support prohibition but are trying to keep your street cred? this is the same bullshit argument that's been made against pot for decades...there's SO MUCH MORE thc now, it's dangerous, blah blah blah. JUST TAKE ONE HIT, or a half hit, or a micro hit. or buy a fucking strain at the LEGAL POT STORE that is low in thc. is that so hard?

hell, maybe i can help you out. i have a huge bag of vaporized weed in my freezer. i thought the shit was pretty useless, but maybe i can mark it up a couple hundred percent and sell it to dweebs like you as "ultra low potency" cannabis.
There are lots of strains currently available that are medium to low THC. TGA Genetics specializes in strains that feature specific tastes and aromas as well as potency.

Once we get the retail up and running, I expect to see a lot of high THC Kush, Perps, and OG's but hopefully there will be some Jillybean, The Flav and Agent Orange. Those strains feature their taste vs. their kick. It all depends on the market.

I suspect that all the high THC weed will be the most popular but soon the market will settle down to offer a wider range of choices.

Also, on the subject of being a 'lightweight' I don't drink beer until I pass out so I don't smoke bud until I'm comatose. Did that stuff in junior high, kinda grown past it now.
This is stupid article. Lightweights, every one of you.
I believe this sentiment rings true, and is one I share.
i've been developing just such a product for the past year, intending to join the legal market in 2014. There is a way to have great tasting, low-potency sweet-leaf, and it's delicious! My goal is to get you high, not stoned.

Variety is the spice of life, not all pot products need to be one-hit wonders, and low potency does not mean low quality.

There are people who enjoy the act of smoking, why can't they have a product that they can enjoy? Who mandated that all weed must be as potent as possible, and always vaped?
A low potency smoke isn't going to take your buds away, You don't need to buy something you aren't comfortable with.

Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying my Smoke, and sharing it with everyone who feels the same!
Relax, have a spliff!
Domonic for ditch weed.
Low-potency/being able to find what it is you want are the only reasons I'm excited about state stores.
I would be all for this. I don't smoke enough weed to have any tolerance, so when I do I feel like I'm on a fucking rocket ship.I'd be all for getting mellowly buzzed. I'd love it if it just gave me a little body high and that was it.
Yes, just like the huge demand for 3.2 beer.
My favorite comment so far:

"or buy a fucking strain at the LEGAL POT STORE that is low in thc. is that so hard?"

Yes, you seem to be agreeing with the article-what exactly is the issue?
@65 - sort of, but in stead of 3.2 beer, you mean beer. And wine. And anything with less alcohol that bourbon.
Haha- looks like Dom liked my "xanax" comment (@7). As far as "not smoking a whole joint zomg!!!" goes...

A couple years ago I was staying with some friends over New Years. One them fired up for his usual wake and bake one morning and offered me a toke. Two medium sized puffs later I was completely zooted. It was fairly difficult to eat breakfast at the local diner, even though that place is great eats and I was pretty hungry. It took a couple hours before I felt like my brain cells were not being beaten by a THC hammer party.

Yeah, I used to be able to hang with the big dogs, but I freely admit I'm a lightweight now. I would much rather have a strain I could easily regulate in my system and enjoy an occasional smoke again.
To make an analogy to beer, Sometimes I really want a knock you on your ass IPA or Barleywine for sitting down with some friends and brainstorming something awesome but there are also times when a light, but still interesting, session, lager, pale ale is what you need say after mowing the lawn or a summer bike ride. Your desire for something lower strength, but still flavorful, takes nothing away from anyone else's puffing.
“Hardcore Megastoners Who Want Superbud for Everyone Are Furious That I Suggest a High-Quality, Low-Potency Joint”… Naturally.

And moonshiners like white lighting.

But you know what… Washington has not suffered for the lack of Everclear on its shelves.

It’s so cute when liberals find things they DON’T want their government regulating.
I think this is a fantastic product! When I visited Amsterdam it was great to walk into a Coffee Shop and buy a pre-rolled joint. I like how portable joints are (no equipment to haul around or messing with weed in a baggie in the wind and rain). Having a box of joints like a box of tobacco cigarettes is a dream come true for me.

Sometimes I want to be happy-go-lucky social butterfly, and sometimes I want to turn my brain off and sleep. Sometimes I want the music to sound better, and sometimes I need to handle my menstrual cramps. I look forward to having a choice in different strains of weed and ways to consume it. Like the difference in having a couple of PBR's with friends and working on art projects or drinking whiskey out of the bottle and going wild at a dance party. The right buzz for the occasion.
This is like brewing a pot of coffee for an office - make it as strong as the person who likes the strongest coffee likes it - people who like weaker coffee can add hot ass water to their individual cups to dilute. There is no way to make weak coffee stronger with the tools available in an office in a reasonable amount of time.

I think the same could be said for marijuana. People who dont want the strongest dose should take means outside of the initial product to make their dose smaller. It makes it easier for a wide range of people to get the experience they desire. T

This of course assumes that producers homogenize THC content across all strains they grow for joints, which they dont, QED. Dispensaries are using lower quality pot that is grown anyway in the process of selecting a mother plant to take clone clippings off of, you go through a lot of plants to find the best female. There are also times where shit hits the fan regarding pests or stress on the plants that may cause hermaphrodism to be expressed and basically that plant becomes useless except as a way of gettting potentially feminized seeds with latent herphrodism present (if exposed to similar stress, plants with that latent hermie genetics will grow the male parts of the plant during flowering and self pollinate, again.)

The fundamental mistake that people who want super strong pot all the time are making is that there is an opportunity cost for producing low strength joints - there doesnt have to be. The low potency joints can be made from previously unprofitable ends to the growth process for many plants.

Right now, most male plants are destroyed as are hermies because they will pollinate everything. Maybe there are some profitable avenues for people that want lower THC content for them.

Alternatively, smoke spliffs if you're a smoker already.
The argument against low-potency weed is an argument for prohibition. Clearly, the permabaked have nuked their brains to the point where they can't comprehend the simultaneous existence of multiple strains of bud. Seriously, dudes, put down the bong for two weeks and try this one again.
Theres also room for home growers with less than ideal settings to enter the market since the yield on an 6'x6'x6' box is a few months worth of individual consumption for anyone with an 8 hour job.

assuming each plant yields 1-1.5 ozs, you can reasonably fit 12-16 plants in such a space, you could potentially have a lb of pot for about 3 months worth of work. As someone who goes through a quarter ounce ever 2 weeks with his wife, that would take an entire year to smoke. Not that anyone would keep more pot for that long given the thc degradation over time but there is definitely room for lower potency middle quality plants out there. (and I'm lowballing the yield here to illustrate a point)

Actually, i think what you guys want is pot that has been cured for a very long time. And then some.
I almost never agree with Dom... I like tro get higher than high and been doing mostly oil for years... BUT, I remember "The Buttermilk"... the wee dfit the category Dom speaks of. I would so love to have it today.. The flavor was so incredible.... fruity, spicy creamy smooth and a very gentle mellow high that was long lasting and creeper onset. I'd sure smoke some more of this stuff even with NO high....
The goal isn't to get as baked as you can (not any more). Most folks I know just take a hit or two. And using a vaporizer, instead of burning is superb. No carcinogenic byproducts of combustion.

Additionally, there is the sativa vs indica strain argument. Indica is more "couch-lock", bed-time bud.

If you want a little buzz but not so "down", do sativa.
Totally disagree. If you're having anxiety attacks, switch to an Indica strain and take one or two hits, don't sit there puffing bunk weed though a fiberglass filter, that's just nasty.
7% THC 3%CBD is perfect?
so hey, now that pot's legal, and will be taxed, is it possible that maybe some regulation will come along that will require vendors to properly label and categorize their product?

Take your cigarette lobby and stick it in your pipe, Dom. This is bogus writing and you know it. Just as in the liquor industry, strengths should be regulated, but to suggest that we need less potent cannabis so that we can SMOKE MORE is neglecting all public health additions to the i-502 legislation. The hope is that we will ALL decrease our dependency through legalization.

I think proper labeling, categorizing and gas chromatographing cannabis is important to consumers and to the i-502 and MMJ legislation in this county, but to suggest (especially with your terrible headline picture) that we should be smoking the "pot version of a cigarette" is just inane, unhelpful to the dialogue, and spreads stupid information about unhealthy habits around the internet.

Moreover, think of the racial implications here...dress it up like cigarette and get the "poor folks" to line up for them. Especially since the outlets are zoned to low-income areas. It's atrocious.

Wake up and do some real reporting.
Imagine going to a bar and wanting a beer, and the bartender said, all we have today is gin martinis and manhattans. Or for that matter, walking into a bar wanting a martini, and they say, all we have is Tecate that was left out in the sun for a week.

What this east coaster most looks forward to is choice.
Agreed! That is what I'd like and it would make it possible for a lot of folks to enjoy the occasional puff. I stopped smoking pot Years ago after it began making me paranoid and completely useless for too long.
I do not understand why any pothead would be ANGRY with someone's wish that there be a low potency, high flavor marijuana cigarette.

I thought potheads were open minded, more capable of thinking outside the box, chill and generally peaceful. If pot can't do these things for you AND you're smoking high potency shit, then that's a major fucking disappointment for the human race.

Being angry with someone for wanting low potency pot is as stupid as being angry with someone for wanting a grocery store to sell booze that's less than 100 proof, and not just the strong shit. Or someone who'd rather drive a sedan than an SUV. Or wanting to read a magazine instead of a whole book. Sheesh
That sums it up what I'm Pro-Science said.
" i have a huge bag of vaporized weed in my freezer."

Make oil out of it - it's easy. Mix in a dash of good weed and you'll really have something. making Isopropyl based oil (99% Iso works best) is easy peasy and has a great result. Vaped weed has a loot of the goodies left behind, and turning it into oil is a great way to maximize your return.
I agree so much with this! I love the way pot makes me feel--about an hour or so AFTER I take a hit. That first hour is so anxiety inducing that I just can't have the stuff. It's not worth it.

If I can have something akin to this formula--

coffee : methamphetamine :: low-grade: what's for sale now

--I would be happy. Mind you, I mean strong coffee, but still.

And I have TRIED taking very, very small hits--same effect.

You can have your sticky-icky chronic, let me have my gentle buzz.
With legal pot stores, we will have a choice!
Whats everyone so upset about? Also, you'll be able to buy small quantities instead of a dealer complaining that they don't make enough profit unless you buy a whole 8th or more. Pot affects different people in different ways. It is the most highly non-physical addictive drug known. When some people try to quit a daily habit, they face weeks/months of wicked dreams,
intense body sweats, headaches, gallons of jet-black tar seeping out of their lungs, and worse of all: ANXIETY AND SEVERE DEPRESSION, sleepless
nights. In fact, most heavy users fail miserably every time they try to quit. I love smoking weed, but 20-something stoners need to stop spewing out fake "knowledge".
@89 You don't know what the fuck you are talking about. A daily pot smoker years ago, I quit with few ill effects, and certainly never had gallons of tar in my lungs. What affected my most was that I lost ten pounds, because I had to relearn how to eat without the appetite stimulating effects of weed. Don't worry though - I gained it all back.
I used to love getting high, munchies, laughsies, talking about all the stupid shit stoners talk about. Then all the heavy indica strains took over and sledgehammered me.

I'm glad you mentioned anxiety attacks and hiding on the couch. I thought it was just me not being able to "handle my smoke".
More proof that Dominic Holden is pretty dumb. Flavor has nothing to do with potency. If you're smoking shit that gives you anxiety, chances are it was harvested too early, not because it's "so potent I can't handle it."
Yeah and let's make all the beer 3.2% alcohol, so we can appease the once a year drinkers also! pfffft...

I lose at least 1 IQ point every time I read an oped piece written by Dominic Holden. I really hope this loser gets hit by a bus or finds a career doing something other than torturing society with his mindless drivel.
Yeah and let's make all the beer 3.2% alcohol, so we can appease the once a year drinkers also! pfffft...

I lose at least 1 IQ point every time I read an oped piece written by Dominic Holden. I really hope this loser gets hit by a bus or finds a career doing something other than torturing society with his mindless drivel.
I feel like this article is misinformed. There are many strains of cannabis with lower THC with high terpene levels (for flavor and scent). In fact, high CBD cannabis provides little to no psychoactive effects, are extremely helpful in pain relief, and can taste great. A well-stocked MMJ dispensary with an educated staff can talk to you about the types of cannabis that would fit well with you as well as the medical benefits. Keep medical alive!
Okay. People taking what he said so literally with the cigarette thing is fucking retarded. He's saying he wants to be able to gauge himself more easily.
Some people do like beer better than liquor, myself included.
Part of what makes pot fun is just hanging out with your friends in a circle and passing it around. It's socially entertaining, just like drinking a few beers with friends, as opposed to downing ten shots in five seconds and falling on the floor.
Am I not seeing the whole article, or something? Because I don't see where it says to rid the world of strong pot and replace it with fancy-tasting "dirt weed."
That's to you, 93. I don't understand how you could manage to still make such an ass of yourself, considering the fact that you have time to proofread and check yourself before posting.
And to the homo: if you're THAT stuck on a flower, I am embarrassed for you. I am made sick at the idea of someone trusting you with very much of anything. If you or people you know have THAT much of a hard time quitting, you might want to double-check and make sure you haven't been buying dirt weed with synthetics sprayed on them.
By the way, synthetic cannabinoids have been around for more than a decade, and very few people had a clue until the k2 craze. I wouldn't put it past your dealer that shorts you every time you don't weigh it yourself to sell some of that shit to you to make an easy dollar.
Bottom line: everyone wants something different. Quit getting pissed off because you feel like your couch-lock "medicine" is being threatened by the idea of a different goal.
I definitely love how promising cannabis seems to be medically. What I don't love is all of these idiot stoners taking away the credibility by fucking the system because they're scared of being sober for a full day.
I am not sure how to take this guy. If he is suggesting that only low-THC weed should be sold, he is full of it.

As others have pointed out, the right way to go is testing and quality control and labeling.

If people want to smoke weak weed, they can go for the weak stuff. Sometimes that appeals to me (I have a green card, by the way).

But sometimes I want to smoke some powerful concentrate, or a flower like Deadhead OG or The Charlie Sheen and I hate to think that, when it is finally available in retail stores, the choices will be limited to the weak stuff that few people want to buy anyway.

If that is the only choice the black market will continue to flourish.

Joel Grant
Your all a bunch a wimps i have smoked weed for over 40 years i know of strains from the 70s that is way more potent than yor so called supers strains panama red for one acupolco gold were way stronger if you cant handle good weed quit
I have not smoked for years because the last few times...sweet Heysoos it was potent.. There is one toke over the line (which isn't a bad song) and then there is "the fear" or the impending freefall feeling of a -Hunter Thompson-"your fucked" which may only be one hit of these weaponized buds. I will whole heartedly agree though that a nice tasting say 1 to 2 percent THC and higher CBD joint to just sit there and puff would be what the majority of people are looking for. Yes there are going to be those (usually young) genetic freaks that sit there with their bongs and take bong hits of Zyklonian Sativa like Arnold did bicep curls..but all the rest of us girly men... and women:) with average or aging nervous systems incapable of dealing with alien levels of THC are looking for the throwback days when you could smoke an entire joint of Mexican brick and then at least have the communicative and cerebral ability to bitch about the quality of the weed:)
I've been searching the Internet to find people, like myself, who are unhappy with the quality of legal marijuana available at medical "dispensaries" (California) and recreational weed boutiques (Colorado).

Everywhere I'm hearing about new, super-potent strains. These modern commercially-grown buds sure look good, that much is for sure.

But am I the only dude who thinks this "Legal" stuff doesn't smell quite right, and doesn't give the same quality or intensity of high?

What is all the talk here of a desire for weak, low-THC, candy-cigarette-like product?

Maybe I travel in the wrong circles but I have never heard anyone, except my law enforcement acquaintances, express their concern that recreational drugs need to be less potent than they already are.

It would help if legal cannabis was actually unadulterated cannabis, which I'm beginning to doubt.

Methinks the "local growers" of SoCal have played a chemical or botanical trick on the unsuspecting consumer: the supposedly high levels of THC and other psychoactive cannabinoids present in dispensary marijuana are somehow being inhibited at the CB-1 human receptor sites in the brain.

Or, the dispensaries are just lying to us.

I smoke weed (when I can score real weed)several times a month, not every day. My tolerance should be mid-level.

On an annual basis (since 2000) I visit several Los Angeles-area medical providers to gauge the "state of weed". I smoke, I eat, I dab, I vape, I get into it.

But NO PRODUCT available in any of these stores has ever got me "high". At first I thought it was me, but fourteen years and countless visits later, I can tell you from experience:

LEGAL WEED -- especially in California -- is just a modern version of "The Emperor's New Clothes".

"Oh, how intense it is!!", "Oh, my, what a buzz!!", "How lovely the meds look!!"

The Emperor is naked, fools.

What a crock. Basically, I've come to the sad conclusion that legal, voter-approved commercial marijuana is, for whatever reason, an invention of the drug authorities.

Look at the comment section for any cannabis business on YELP. Apparently NOBODY ON EARTH has ever had a complaint -- imagined or otherwise --about the potency of legal weed.

Personally, I find that to be very suspicious.

Ranting Angeleno

I agree with this as well. I have an anxiety disorder. If pot were legal, I couldn't touch that crazy white knuckling powerful shit. My heart would feel like its stopping and I might dissociate. On the other hand, something very mild but also NOT MOLDY (which barely, barely exists) is hard to come by. and when I say "not moldy" I'm talking nice and fluffy and smelling good and no "fermented" leaves (to use a curing term for tobacco or tea). I dream of a world where medical comes to my state and where I can legally buy low potency high quality herb that doesn't look like someone pee'd on it, pooped on it, aged it in their crotch for 6 months, aged it for another 6 months in their ass, pee'd on it again, and then sprayed it with perfume. Its easy to get "porn bud", its hard to get high quality low potency.