Not Just Pot Doctors

Medical Cannabis Professionals Handle More Than You Think


For a quality doctor in the Eastern Washington area I would recommend Dr Johnson at HE won't just write anyone an authorization but he will help you identify if MMJ would help you and he will help you build up the medical records to support it. He's located in Tri-Cities.
no mention of the fact that dr. mobley started the anti i-502 campaign? how about the fact that he didn't "relocate" to missouri, he's from there originally. he only came to seattle to cash in on our medical marijuana industry...
The underlying problem is that seeds and organic grow kits aren't dirt cheap and legal. There is no defensible basis for the prohibition of cannabis...NONE.
"That conventional care could come down to simple things, like prescribing glucosamine to build up cartilage..."

Like cannabis, glucosamine cannot be prescribed by a physician because it is not FDA approved. Like cannabis, it can only be recommended by a physician. And as such, it is not covered by insurance.

Hands down I've been to 3 doctors for my cannabis card because I haven't found the right place. I finally found a nice lady on Broadway (Seattle) at NW Green Resource Clinic who not only addressed all my pain issues, she recommended a ton of other natural options that work also. Dr. V is awesome.