The Dawn Goes On

An Interview with P.M. Dawn’s Doc G


This suddenly became very sad.
Wow. That wasn't evil at all.
Boogens I Owe You a Beatdown, plain and simple.
If a man has any feelings toward a girl, 'I'd die without you' is soooo gratifying to listen to...luv your work PM Dawn!
P.M. Dawn has to be my favorite hip-hop/r&b group of all time. They bared their souls in those songs, and what they showed me was beautiful. P.M. Dawn was real, uncontrived, and unapoligetic, they were not afraid to publicly glorify the Lord. I pray Prince Be will recover and live the rest of his life doing what he loves to do. Prince Be, I will see you in eternal bliss when Jesus rules as King forever.
Attrell I am praying for you!If I don't get to meet you here on earth I'll see you in heaven!Jesus is also my Lord and Savior!God bless you!Boogens you should be ashamed of yourself!The only person that you made look bad was yourself!
I'm a big P.M.Dawn fan I remember buy their CD as a teenager and I loved it to tha idiot who post bad on them all I can say bless your souls sounds like you guys are jealous but in the early 90s P.M.DAWN was my favorite and for those who down grades ill pray for you cause that's exactly what you need thanks to p.m.dawn for their music and their time they did make music God bless