Arranged Marriage

When I Was 8 Years Old, My Father Introduced Me to a Newborn Baby and Asked if I Wanted to Marry Her


so, uh, that girl is 21 still have her contact info or what?
Thanks for sharing this, Soloman. The hypocrisy directed toward GLBT folks is galling beyond words, yet that never seems to give the hypocrites one moment's pause....grrrr.
good stuff solomon! ethiopian christians cannot tolerate anything that is not ethiopian, prescribed by their chubby orthodox pope or taught to them by their mostly ignorant elders. i live there... see it all the time.
What an excellent view of the hypocrisy that surrounds the traditional marriage argument. I'm definitely sharing this on Facebook.
Wow, interesting read.
Solomon-I am Ethiopian, and I understand your pain and bitterness at the rejection by your parents due to your homosexuality, however, please do not make up stories of your parents trying to get you to date a 5th grader, or to marry a baby. Don't be ridiculous, your parents are from the city, and as you said yourself, were not even married, let alone push an arranged marriage on you. Ethiopians are still decades back from accepting ethiopian gays, but like everyone else, we will get there, and it will be because we see our own sons and brothers coming out as gay. Do no stoop low and lie as you rightly fight for your rights.