Boring, Traditional, Religious Marriage

The Inspiring Dullness of Jamie Pedersen and Eric Cochran


I can't dream of a time in my life where I would want any of those things however I couldn't imagine taking it away from anyone either. Why anyone would want to devalue what these amazing people have is well beyond my upbringing.
Four kids and a clean house?!

Sigh. Lutherans.
What a delightful piece. Clever, too, for usurping the opposition of the fundies (or should I adopt "Cindy Bigots" as the silliest autocorrect) by demonstrating that gay people can have a BTRM as well.

Kudos to their church for performing the ceremony and providing yet another rebuttal that ALL Christian denominations are NOT united against SSM.
As always, Sanders, your features have a way of showing very human sides of your subjects, and it keeps me coming back again and again. But what's the point here--that gay marriage is pretty much exactly the same as straight marriage, and people need to get over their prejudices and junk?
That distracting cat in the window is named Rusty.