How to Stop Thinking All Trans People Are the Same


I grew up in a family that were not great thinkers, just doers, and small talkers. I really didn't think about being male or female until puberty kicked in when I was 13. I was really shy about the changes taking place as my body started becoming more masculine, except that I really wanted to be more feminine and have breasts. I was really sheltered as to the difference between male and female bodies excerpt that my dad stood up to pee and my mother squatted, when we stopped by the roadside on road trips. I daydreamed about developing a female body, but did not dare to express it outwardly in anyway.
So much for transitioning being "life saving".
No, not "So much for..." For some people it is. This narrative doesn't change or challenge that. To me though that's kind of beside the point. People should be able to make their own decisions, life saving, life changing, or just anything.