The Nixon Supporter

What I Remember About My First Republican Fuck


That's a strange euphemism for the asshole. "Kitty," I mean, not "Nixon Supporter."
Yeah, all due respect to Mr. White, but "his kitty was a little muddy" is too much info. And how suave and/or hot can someone be with a dirty ass?
@3 Well, that's just natural lube!
Kitty needs a good brushing Ed.
Wow. Straight guy reading this....muddy kitty? Is that acceptable to you guys?

Goddamn, hose that shit down. With a hose.
Muddy kitty?

That is so phenomenally gross, and I'm a gay guy reading this.
Oh please, that muddy kitty line made my lol. Lighten up, you pussy-pokers!
Glad I'm not the only one that turned a little green at the "muddy kitty" line. Thank God Dan helped create santorum as a word to use in place of that rather unpleasant euphemism.
Oh, and I hope that the story about how the two GOP fags mocking their cuckold wives was an artistic liberty or an exaggeration. Those two sound like the worst liberal stereotype about Republicans that I dearly hope don't truly exist.
I can't put my finger on what, but something about this story feels violent to me. Clearly there was no physical violence, and I really don't know where I'm getting this feeling from, but still . . .
I had ideological hate sex with a Republican last summer. It was some of the hottest sex I've ever had, being called a filthy socialist with Sean Hannity's mug glaring at me from the bookshelf three feet away. We talked a lot about issues and government and the military and the way we think things should be. I don't really get to talk to smart people on the other side. We didn't convert each other at all, but it was fun and interesting. And the sex was fantastic.
why isnt this in the new yorker?
@10. And Dems don't ever cheat or behave badly. Definitely not in the Oval Office. And elsewhere. C'mon. Peoples is peoples. Assholes are assholes. They come in every flavor, even liberal.
wow... muddy kitty. it makes it sounds cute and straggled.
muddy kitty= butt butter... anyway you phrase it that needs some cleaning.
Great piece! Muddy kitty...LOL!