Queer Issue 2011

You're Doing It Wrong...


Yeah you're doing it wrong.
Have fun, be safe, and enjoy pride.
Enjoy the 5pm cruise...
hello,fruit loops....just kidding,anyway let me introduce myself:i am a straght person ...i will give my 'Choice words' on every part of this 'queer issue...now,some things to note:1.I,MYSELF AM NOT GAY, However i will give a respectible pov from a STRAGHT PERSON. 2.DO NOT,I REPEAT,DO NOT INSULT ME FOR MY OPINONS (if you talk trash to me ,i will give you trash a trillion times back,do i make my self clear? good...3.I DO RESPECT THE LGBTQS COMMUNITY FOR WHO THEY 'ARE' but it is not WHO THEY 'ARE',it is WHAT THEY DO...(that is sort of the theme of the week,right? 4.i have some 'choice words' for the stranger paper,but i would be blocked if i typed them...(let's just say it is beyond XXX AND NSFW and could go on forever...) ANYWAY...on to the aritcules...
What weekend is the white heterosexual pride parade? Oh, wait. That makes people *uncomfortable*. Besides, I don't walk around identifying myself by my sexual proclivities.